Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 A Look Forward

"Share with the Lord the burden of all thy doings, if thou wouldst be sincere in thy intent." Proverbs 16:3

I haven't done actual resolutions in years, in fact I have never really done resolutions but in recent years (the 2 or 3) I have a list of thing I look forward too in the new year. New things or experiences I want to try, ways in which I would like to grow and stuff I would like to happen.

My list always contains at least one sure thing so that way if nothing else happens on the list I would still have accomplished something. For 2011 I put take a cruise after I was already booked on one since early December 2010, easy peasy something accomplished. I also need to put something that is unlikely to happen, if it happens super great, if it doesn't I'm okay with it and the other items that don't happen won't be so bad. It's my logic and it works for me.

Something that I have no control over and that I know I have no control over it. It will keep me humble and remind me to pray and seek the Lord at all times. Something that you are already working on but have not gotten very far because seriously if I am not already made a step in the direction of keeping my room clean putting it on a list for 2013 is not going to make it happen. Something simple that I'm starting from scratch but doesn't take an over the top amount of commitment, I tried surfing in 2011 and I only did it once but that was all I needed because that was the goal to try it. I suck at it by the way I have no balance but I liked boogie boarding so I got something out of the experience. I also tried ice-skating which I loved even though again I have no balance but I know I will do it again.

Something that will happen early in the year and something that will happen later. If you lack patience like me you don't want to have to wait too long to get something crossed off but you also don't want everything crossed off before the year really gets going either.

Somethings I am looking forward to in 2013

Trying to a good blogger. Between everything that I have going on I am not going to put too much pressure on myself so I am going to set a goal of at least 2 posts a week.

Continue to grow. Spiritually, emotionally and mentally. It's rather vague but sometimes I have no idea how I needed to grow until after I have.

Suffer Lent patiently. Every Lent I give up meat totally because I already do not eat meat on Fridays. However I HATE cooking fish, I love fish just not when I have to make it and I end up grousing and unhappy for a little more than 6 weeks taking away from anything I may gain from the penitential period. 2013 I am going to plan a lot in advance, put things in place that I can still eat without being resentful.

Get better organized around the house. This is something I started doing in 2012 but still need a few tweaks and improvements.

Do more freezer cooking. Also something I started doing in 2012 and has been a great help in reducing wastage and making it easier after a hard day at work.

Organize my crafts and do more sewing and crocheting. I only recently started sewing but I have let my crocheting really slide, I have a couple work in progress to finish and I want to start something new.

Try new recipes. One thing I really wanted to do when I finally got my own kitchen was to cook and bake more while trying new things. I really fell down on that in 2012 so in 2013 I wanted to try at least one new recipe a month. Caveat, it counts a new if I have never cooked it on my own before.

Read or reread a few classics this year (Little House Books are definitely Classics in my book). I gave up thrashy novels last in 2012 (nothing of the 50 s.hade variety) and I have discovered Christian Romance Novels. I really like the new focus of my downtime but I also want to get back to the books that got me hooked on reading in the first place Heidi, Little Women, Secret Garden, anything by Austen.

This getting long so I think I'll stop here. 2012 you have been fun, sad, happy, exhilarating, and renewing. 2013 I look forward to what you will bring.