Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Introducing Me

Better late than never. This is my 4th post and anyone who is reading, if anyone is reading have no idea who I am. So here goes......

My name is Nikki, it's a nickname that I share with my sister since we have practically the same name. Serious leaving all the letters in the same order but taking 2 letters out of mine and you get my sister's name. I actually didn't earn the nickname until I was an adult people just started calling me Nikki, my sister has had since childhood, we will not be discussing what mine used to be. The same people don't actually call us Nikki, my friends call me Nikki and her friends call her Nikki. The friends we have in common call her Key.

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, in Trinidad. Trinidad and Tobago is a country made up of two islands, I have never been to the island Tobago which is like half hour away by plane or I could take the ferry. I have been to Mexico and Haiti but I have never been to the other half of my country. Trinidad was named after the Trinity. Abortion is illegal. There is no such thing as "g.ay marriage". Corpus Christi and Good Friday are public holidays. We have our bad but I'll just highlight the good.

I have one sister but I may often refer to my two sisters, the other, my annoying, adorable, lovable little sister is actually my cousin but we were raised like sisters. We fight like sisters and she borrows clothes and other stuff just like a sister. She's 17 so she borrows a lot and returns a little. Fun fact I named her, for a kid I think I did a pretty good job.

I work in Accounting, I like the numbers side of my job, the paperwork not so much. I work near the ocean so I enjoy a scenic ocean view on my drive to and from work which is nice. However it's a coastal road, there are multiple party venues including two party boats, a boardwalk, a golf course, a kayak centre, a yachting community, at least three beaches, etc so at times that commute means traffic. Horrible, non-moving, there is no way I am making it to anything today traffic.

I am single but hoping and looking and praying for a husband and kids. I crochet which I taught myself how to do when I was bored as a twelve year old, it took me a few years to actually get it.
A small sample of my work.

I like to bake and cook, bake more than cook. I am learning how to sew, I am teaching myself. It's an interesting journey. I like learning new things and figuring out how to do stuff, except when it comes to mechanical my method for changing my tire is to ask someone else.

I love Daily Mass, I love being able to receive Jesus everyday. Getting up early and getting to 6:30 Mass is sometimes a challenge when my bed is warm and the day is not but it is worth it. I believe there is always time for prayer. My Faith life isn't perfect but I am a work in progress. I am the only practicing Catholic in my immediate family although we are all baptized Catholics.

I am a reader, I devour books. I read Wuthering Heights when I was 8 because my mother was at her wits end (and probably the end of her budget) from buying me books. So she bought the unabridged, fine print version of WH for me to read and would not buy me another book until I had read with proof by telling her about it. It took two weeks (I was only 8 after all) but I finished it and somewhat understood it. I am thankful for that because that book came back to me for English Lit at 16, didn't even have to reread the book (I have great recall when I want to), got a distinction. I still love children's books, they are especially great for when I am a little burned out from reading and can't decide what to read next.

I was a tomboy and still am a little. I rather wear jeans than a dress but then again that has a little to do with the fact that I have such a hard time finding dresses that fit me well or how I would like them to fit. I wear my hair mostly in a ponytail and I don't wear make-up. I'll put on some lipstick for a really dressed up occasion but that's it. I wear contacts, started wearing glasses when I was 4 and hated (along with all those lovely names that came attached) but now I don't mind wearing them.

Okay I think I've written a lot so I'll stop here and hope any readers will come back for more.