Thursday, 5 November 2015

Not Alone Series: Single Scriptures

What is your relationship with Scripture? Do you read the Bible every day? What is your favorite translation or edition? Do you use Scripture for prayer (a.k.a. lectio divina)? Do you play Bible roulette (flip to a random verse)? What are some Scripture verses that speak to you as a single woman?

This is my first time actually linking up since we restarted but not my first topic to write, Life has just been kicking my butt so I never got to finish the other one.

Scripture is very close my heart I love spending time reading my Bible. Even before I fully embrace my Faith, I started reading the Bible. I have read the whole Bible but not in a year, I have never been able to follow one of those plans. I do memorize scripture verses though sometimes I remember the words but forget where it's from.

I own five physical Bible so far, I like the different translations for better understanding. I also have an app or two on my phone. I love reading over different books and getting a different understanding from the last time. I highlight, underline, write notes and questions. I do read my Bible everyday but I do not "read" my Bible everyday. There are days I just go through the motions and there are days when I am so excited I read way more than I had planned.

My favourite Bible, pictured above is the NSRV translation but I also love the NABRE. I also own a New Jerusalem Bible which is an English, as in England, translation and spelling which I prefer for the Psalms.

I have used the Scripture for prayer and also right now I am trying something I am calling "Living Sripture". Example this week my verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:14 " And we urge you, beloved, to admonish the idlers, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with all of them." I am challenging myself to how I can realistically living this out in my daily life. I can't say that I've admonished any idlers besides myself  but I can say that I have done some encouraging and helping and there have definitely been instances where I have been patient when I haven't wanted to be. When a co-worker asks me once again to help her because she just doesn't get a task but I'm so over it I remind myself that I am asked to encourage, help (one translation has support) and be patient.

Verses that speak to me as a single woman

The first is not a whole verse but just the first three words: "But if not..." Daniel 3:18
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are about to get thrown into a burning, they give their speech about how great God is and His ability to save them and deliver them, then they say But if not (God chooses not to deliver them) they still refuse to serve and worship the idols. I feel called to marriage, I want to be married and have kids, lots and lots of kids. I pray about it, I dream about it but if God decides that is not the plan He has for me He is still God, He is still good and it is His will that I seek.

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10 for those times when I think I can "fix" things. Get them to go my way.

"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 for really bad days when all I can think about is what has gone wrong

"For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope" Jeremiah 29:11

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer." Romans 12:12

What is your relationship with Scripture? What are your favourite verse?

Visit Rachel and Lindsay for the link-up, check out what everyone else has to say.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (day 13) - National Song

Day 13 of write 31

Unlike the National Anthem we don't stand at attention for this song. Like the National Pledge it was written by Marjorie Padmore. There are a few other songs classified as National Songs but this is the original.

God Bless Our Nation

God bless our nation 
Of many varied races
May we possess that common love 
That binds and makes us One.
Let it be known around the World
That we can boast of Unity
And take a pride in Our Liberty.

God bless our isles of tropic beauty rare
Of flaming Poinciana
And shady immortelle
The warm and sparkling waters
That beat upon our shores
Beat out a tune that seem to tell
We take a pride in Our Liberty.

God bless our leaders
Give them grace to guide
Bestow on them thy judgement wise
To rule our land aright
To keep the flag of freedom high that we may sing most lustily
We take a pride in Our Liberty.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 12) - The National Pledge

Day 12 of write 31.

The National Pledge, written by Marjorie Padmore, is known by by every school age child since it is recited at least once a day in all schools.

I solemnly pledge to dedicate my life
To the service of God
And to my country.

I will honour my parents,
My teachers, my leaders and my elders,
And those in authority

I will be clean and honest in all my thoughts,
My words and my deeds.

I will strive, in everything I do
To work together with my fellowmen
Of every creed and race
For the greater happiness of all
And the honour and glory
Of my country.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 11) - The National Anthem

Day 11 of write 31.

The National Anthem of Trinidad and Tobago was not actually written as the National Anthem of Trinidad and Tobago.

Composed by Patrick Castagne, a national, the song was written for the West Indies Federation which only lasted four years (less actually).

So when Trinidad and Tobago gained Independence the words were perfect, instant anthem.

Forged from the love of liberty
In the fires of hope and prayer
With boundless faith in our destiny
We solemnly declare:
Side by side we stand
Islands of the blue Caribbean sea,
This our native land
We pledge our lives to thee.
Here every creed and race find an equal place,
And may God bless our nation
Here every creed and race find an equal place,
And may God bless our nation.

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 10) - The Coat of Arms

Day 10 of write 31.

Before Trinbago (short for Trinidad and Tobago) got it's Independence in 1962 a committee was formed to design and create the symbols that would represent the country. The coat of arms was one of those symbols.

Designed by Carlisle Chang and George Bailey to represent and reflect the future of Trinidad and Tobago without forgetting the past.

At the top we have a gold ship's wheel in front of a fruited coconut palm. This was originally the central figure in the British Colonial seals for Tobago before it annexed to Trinidad.

The gold helmet facing front represents the Queen, our monarch until the day of our Independence.

The colours of the shield are the colours of our national flag and have the same meaning.

At the top of the shield we have two humming birds. Trinidad was originally named Iere by the Amerindian, the Land of the Hummingbird for the overwhelming number of them that inhabited the the land. There are more than sixteen species of hummingbird found in Trinidad.

Next we have the three ship. The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. The ships sailed by Christopher Columbus when he discovered Trinidad.

The shield is supported on either side by the national birds. The Scarlet Ibis in it's resplendent red on the left of Trinidad and the Cocrico of Tobago.

Below the Scarlet Ibis we have the Trinity Hill which Columbus saw inspiring him to name the country after the Blessed Trinity. The land beneath the Cocrico represents Tobago.

We then have the ocean waves. The cradle of our heritage and the waters that join the two islands together.

Finally we have the nation's motto. Together we aspire, Together we achieve. These words speak for themselves and promote harmony in diversity for national achievement.

The Coat of Arms can be found on official documents as well as the back of all our coins. It is also found on our paper currency.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 9) - The Flag

Day 9 of write 31.

Trinidad and Tobago is a rather "young" nation in that we only got independence in 1962. At which time we chose our own flag.

Previously we flew the British flag. Trinidad and Tobago used a British blue ensign defaced with a circular badge depicting a ship arriving in front of a mountain.

A red background with white and black horizontal stripes in the centre.

The red symbolises the sun which plentiful and hot here in the Caribbean, the fire of the people. It represents courage.

The black symbolises the earth representing dedication.

The white symbolises water representing purity and equality.

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 8) - The Pitch Lake

Day 8 of write 31

Remember when I said Sir Walter Raleigh came to Trinidad looking for gold. Well he discovered what he called "black gold". The rest of us call it asphalt or pitch. He discovered the Pitch Lake in south Trinidad.

The Pitch Lake in Trinidad is the largest deposit of asphalt in the world. It is the only "lake" in Trinidad. Other asphalt lakes can be found in California and Venezuela.

The ashphalt is used to pave streets locally and abroad.

It is "alive" as a few like to say since it burps and hisses and consumes anything that put on it's surface after awhile

Warm Sulphur pools appears on the Pitch Lake in the rainy season when water collects in the cracks and crevices of the Lake. The pools, also known as the “fountain of youth” contain high levels of sulphur, which villagers claim is good for curing anything from skin conditions to joint pain. Visitors should be careful when bathing in the pools as some are very deep.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

31 Days of Where I Live (Day 7) - Down de Islands

Day 7 of write 31

I've already established that Trinidad and Tobago is made up of two islands. but that should be two main islands there are others.

Here in Trinidad they are referred to as "down de islands". The "de" is pronounced like a hard d and it means the.

One is a jail, some are inhabited regularly but they are mostly used for a day or weekend get away by the locals.

Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos, Gaspar Grande and Gasparillo Island. 

Little Tobago, St Giles Island, Sisters' Rock and Goat Island off Tobago.

Caledonia Island, Craig Island, Lenagan Island, Nelson Island, Pelican Island Rock Island.

Carrera on the left, Cronstadt on the right

Cronstadt Island, Carrerera Island (the Jail), Faralon Rock, Soldado Rock, Saut D'Eau


I took these because I can see some of the islands on my to and from work.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 6) - Where Exactly Is Trinidad and Tobago

It's day 6 of write 31!!!!!

So you may be thinking I get T&T is an island and it's in the Caribbean, but where?

Trinidad and Tobago lies just 7 mile off the north eastern coast of Venezuela, it a 58 minute flight to Caracas. We are the most southerly islands in the Caribbean.

Guyana, which is also a Caribbean country but not an island is the only one below us, technicality is a beautiful thing.

Trinidad is surrounded by four different bodies of water. The Caribbean Sea to the north, Gulf of Paria to the west, Atlantic Ocean to the east and Columbus Channel to the south.

When I tell some people that I am from Trinidad many ask if it part of Jamaica, please note how very far away we are from Jamaica.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 5) - Pictures

Day 5 of write 31!!!!

This is actually going to be a picture day. Some pictures of the past and a few of the present

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (Day 4) - Our History Part 2

Day 4 of write 31!!!!!

Remember I said that Trinidad had a relatively peaceful history, the Spanish even gave up control without a fight. Yeah.... Tobago's history isn't like that.

It seems like everyone fought over this tiny island.

Now Columbus saw Tobago as he was discovering Trinidad back in 1498, and he named it Bellaforma, but he wasn't interested in it so he left it alone. He was the only one.......

Now even before Europe started showing interest, Tobago was the scene for battle between the Carib Indians and a few other Amerindian tribes. The Caribs and Arawaks were not the only ones.

Named after tobacco which was grown by the Carib Indians, Tobago was established by the Dutch and Courtlanders (Latvia) in the 16th and 17th century. Then Spain finally decided they wanted it then the British, the France, then Holland again. No one gave up without a fight so it was a vicious cycle with Tobago changing hands about thirty times for almost two centuries in violent clashes.

The British ended up on top in the end. They finally annexed (that word again) Trinidad and Tobago as one country in 1889.

As with Trinidad, the British brought in slave labour. Later they imported Chinese, East Indian, Tamil (Sri Lanka) and Portuguese indentured or free labourers. The free labourers were not under any form of contract and could come and go as they pleased.

Like Trinidad post 1889 had an influx of Chinese and Syrian people, but also German and a few other European countries.

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

31 Days of Where I live (day 3) - Our History Part 1

It's day 3 of write 31 and I'm still here!!!!!

Trinidad and Tobago have dissimilar histories so I'm going to cover them separately. They were two separate countries until 1889. So I'm going to provide brief histories with a few key points in two parts

Trinidad was discovered by Christopher Columbus 0n 31st July 1498 and was named La Trinité. Columbus saw three hills (now named the Trinity Hills) and thought of the Holy Trinity and so blessed us with the name.

Before Columbus the island was inhabited by the Amerindians (think Native Americans), mainly two tribes the Caribs and the Arawaks. The Caribs were a warring tribe while the Arawaks were a more peaceful tribe. One of our local beers and beer producers is called Carib and one of our chicken producers is called Arawak. Just saying.

Sir Walter Raleigh came to Trinidad in 1595 looking for El Dorado, the City of Gold. I remember from school that he found the Pitch Lake and proclaimed he had found black gold. However the area named El Dorado and the Pitch Lake are not in the same area.

During the French Revolution, French planters and their crew migrated to the Caribbean, Trinidad was one of the islands that they came too. The country was still under Spanish rule at this time despite Sir Walter Raleigh's little stint on the island and a little uprising by the Carib Indians some years back.

Trinidad has a relatively peaceful history. Though not totally.

In 1797, General Sir Ralph Abercomby landed, prepared to take the island by force but the Spanish Governor capitulated without fight (as I said relatively peaceful). Trinidad became a British Colony with French citizens and Spanish laws,

The British brought in lots of slave labour but after slavery was abolished East Indian labourers were brought in to make up for the slaves who refused to work.

Trinidad has a very multi-ethnic population thanks to coming and going pre-1889. Post we have the Chinese and Syrian influx but I'll get to that in time.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

31 Days of Where I Live (Day 2) - Trinidad AND Tobago

Welcome back!!!!! I made it to day 2.

The and in caps in the heading is not a mistake, I just wanted to make a point. When people ask me where I live I say Trinidad but in fact the name of the country is The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago or informally Trinidad and Tobago.

Another fun fact the "country" is actually TWO islands that are annexed but not physically connected. I may get into that annexed feature in another post since that takes me back to a history lesson or 2 and I'm not ready for that as yet.

Trinidad, where I live is the larger of the two islands. It moves at a faster pace, more indstrialized, big business, etc.

Tobago the smaller island, moves at a slower pace. It's a tourist haven. Many celebrities quietly vacation there. Another fun fact a season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge was taped there, remember that show.

So if you want to party, do big business you come to Trinidad.

Want to relax, get away from it all, fish, etc you go to Tobago.

The two islands have completely different histories, the culture is not very similar but we are one big happy country

Thursday, 1 October 2015

31 Days of Where I Live (Day 1) - Introduction

Hello blog world, it's been a while. I haven't blogged since May, life has been hectic and busy and crazy. While I have been tired, overwhelmed and burned out. Yet I miss blogging. I still write, my journal and I have gotten pretty close over these last few months as I struggled to find balance in everything I had going on and it has been a good time for me. Now it time for me to get back to my little corner of the internet......I hope.

To help myself out I've decided to take the 31 Days Writing Challenge. When Bobbi blogged about it earlier this week I thought this is exactly what I need. Then I thought what in the world can I blog about for 31 days. While I'm thinking short daily posts for this challenge I couldn't think of a topic that I cold stretch for a WHOLE month. Did I mention that every post is on the same topic!!!!

Then it hit me...... I live in a country that very few people know a lot about. Raise your hands if you've ever heard of Trinidad and Tobago......

So there is my topic Trinidad and Tobago, where I live. I hope you'll join me as I try to introduce you to this beautiful country of mine.

This is the landing page for the whole series and I'll link back to this page all the post

Day 1                         Day 9                               Day 17                     Day 25
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Day 4                         Day 12                             Day 20                     Day 28
Day 5                         Day 13                             Day 21                     Day 29
Day 6                         Day 14                             Day 22                     Day 30
Day 7                         Day 15                             Day 23                     Day 31
Day 8                         Day 16                             Day 24

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Not ALone Series: Good Reads

What books, articles, devotionals, blogs, etc have you been reading, loving and being encouraged by?! Or even, movies, videos, podcasts? Share with us so that we may be inspired, too!

This is very late but I haven't blogged in a while so now that I have a little time I'm trying to get back into it.

I've gotten my hands on a few books that I've loved and am loving lately

Walk Softly and Carry a Great Bag: On the go devotions by Teresa Tomeo

The main thing I love about this book is I don't feel guilty if I miss a day or five since they aren't dated. The devotions are witty and encouraging. Each devotion starts with a bible verse and ends with a prayer with a story n between. The story or devotion is written in a conversational style that I really love.

Unleashed: How to receive everything the Holy Spirit wants to give you by Sonja Corbitt

I'm still reading this one but I like it so far. There are personal questions to ponder at the end of each chapter and ponder I do. It's challenging and encouraging. Eye opening as well.

Behold Your Mother: A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines by Tim Staples

This was a gift from a friend who also got it signed. Love, love, love friends who know my love for Mary and encourage it. Haven't really read it as yet but I've browsed some of the points but I've liked what I've seen so far.

Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship - I sort of stumbled upon this online bible study blog for Catholic women. I don't really remember who led me on to them. I'm new to the site so I'm still get a proper feel for it but I like it so far. The current bible study is "Gifts of the Holy Spirit". I subscribe by email so I can keep up. Check them out, see if you like it.

I would love to get back into podcasts but I don't have time right now, however I would love suggestions for what everyone is loving right now.

What are you reading or viewing or listing to that you are loving and being encouraged by? Leave a comment to tell me all about it. Don't forget to visit Morgan for the link-up and to see what everyone else is enjoying.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Not Alone Series: Challenge Time, Again!!

It's that time again! In the past, we've challenged ourselves to grow and/or take steps toward moving closer to our vocation. These challenges have come in all different forms! Trying online dating, getting more involved in our young adult ministry, and working on discipline have all been past personal challenges. What is one thing you want to challenge yourself to do that might help you along on your path toward God's will...or maybe just help you become more open to God's will?
Share what you're planning to challenge yourself with and why, then in 2 weeks we'll write on how this challenge went!!

It's been a while. I've started posts but haven't been able to finish them because life has taken over my life. I started my year busy and it continues to be busy. Work is unending and my ministries at church seem to be taking more and more of my time. I find myself often playing catch-up on Sunday.

I hate that.

A friend a few years ago "took back Sunday", she wanted her kids to know that Sundays were special and should be treated as such. They loved it and it has been even more beneficial to her. I want that. I need that.

So my challenge is to take back Sunday.

I picked up this book last Saturday and is part of the inspiration for my challenge. I am designing my Sabbath. What gives me rest or blesses me? What gives me anxiety and makes me feel rushed and un-rested. What helps me step aside from my day-to-day in order to embrace God, to recollect myself and to be acted upon by the Holy Spirit.

No laundry on Sundays, if I didn't get it done on Friday or Saturday then it can wait until Monday. No house cleaning, I can wipe down countertops as I go and do dishes but the bathroom doesn't need to be deep cleaned on Sunday.

Music. I used to listen to music all the time on Sundays, I need to get that back. Put on music as I go about my day, sing along maybe even bust a dance move or two.

Cook. I love to cook and bake and eat but I have been eating later most Sundays because I just need to get that one more thing done. Then I just throw something together quickly. Make real meals and eat on time. Use the good dishes. Make a desert. Try new recipes, I haven't done that in a while even before this year, it's something I used to try every few months and I miss it.

Prayer/Meditation/Devotion. I still pray on Sundays but right after I got home from Mass I used to take the first half hour to meditate on the readings and the homily and just spend that time in quiet reflection. Now I get home from Mass and most times I need to get something started and then I might do quick, broken reflection because time is running and there is so much I need to get done. I need that time back.

Reading. At least an hour every Sunday. Strangely enough I get more reading done during my busy week than I do on a Sunday. Mainly because I read during my lunch hour and any time I am waiting somewhere (I have at least one book with me at all times).

Community. I need to spend time with people that doesn't include Women's Group planning, retreat planning or conference planning. This one may be a little harder since we have a conference in July, retreat in September, I am the leader of my women's group so I need to and want to be available to the members. We also have two events in April, a vigil next weekend that is not all there yet and because of differing work schedules Sundays are some peoples only available day.

Life is just going to stop but this is a challenge after all so I need to intentionally and prayerfully commit to this.

How can you challenge yourself? How are you challenging yourself? Tell me in the comments and don't forget to visit Jen for the link-up to see what she, Morgan and everyone else is doing.