Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I Wanted To Be Invisible

As a kid I was asked the question if I had to pick a super power what would it be, I always picked invisibility. My sister was made for the lights and centre stage I preferred the background, the dark corner, perfectly blended with the scenery. Still do.

Today's Gospel reading talks about we as Christians are the salt and the light.

Matt 5:14 says "You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid."

A couple months ago one of the security guards at my job asked me if I was a Christian. I don't really have a relationship with this woman, I say good morning or what ever, I wish her a good weekend, some small talk on occasion. Nothing in-depth. When I told her yes she said "I knew it, you could always tell." I didn't ask her what she meant by that I thanked her because she really made my day that morning.

This last week I was having a conversation with a couple of co-workers, I've known both for less than a year but we talk regularly about a number of things so I would say we are fairly close. We are chatting about relationships one is married, the other is divorced but has a boyfriend and well I'm single. When I asked I said yes I would love to be in a relationship but basically I don't want a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend. One of them said she knew I was that kind of person from the way she has seen me act and heard me talk. She liked that I had standards.

I often think no-one notices me, that what I do or don't do doesn't make much difference to anyone.

I may want to be invisible. I may even act like it at times. However God has called us to be the salt and light of the earth. To not have our lights hid under a bushel basket but to shine before others.

We don't always know where our light may land, why or how but know that if you are living out your Catholic Faith you are shining for God.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday #58

--- 1 ---
I actually started this on Wednesday, but life happened and now Saturday evening I am finishing it up. I have been away from QTs for about 13 weeks (6 weeks of Lent and 7 weeks of Easter) give or take a week, thank you Catholic Church and Liturgical calendar.

--- 2 ---
I am going to be T.V on Tuesday for a panel discussion, call-in program on 'The Christian Response to Stress and Anxiety'. I am stressful and anxious just thinking about it. This is my second time being on this programme but the last time it was with a group of friends so it was just like us talking and having a conversation. This time I'll be joining a psychologist (psychiatrist??), a guy whose wife I know and whose daughter I just adore plus two other people I don't know. Prayers at 8pm EST Tuesday 10th will be greatly appreciated.

--- 3 ---
How do people decide when airline prices cannot possibly go down any more? I never buy my tickets this early but I always check prices early in planning my trip to estimate a budget, earlier this week on a whim I decided to just check again and prices had dropped drastically, but still I don't buy tickets this early so I wasn't sure if to jump on it or not. I liked the flight times and the price was just beautiful (I was already calculating what I could do with the savings). I talked it over with a few people and I decided to wait. The price has gone down again to just plain ridiculous but I do not like these flight times. The flight times I like are cheaper than earlier this week but not as cheap the other flight. Should I wait, grab it or just stop torturing myself by waiting as I usually do and just buying the tickets at reasonable price. Buying now means the possibility of tying up money that may be used elsewhere. Any thoughts?

--- 4 ---
The rainy/hurricane season has started here in Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad has had exactly one minor hurricane before I was born, Tobago has had one medium and one minor also before I was born. However we do get lots of warnings, alerts and cautions whenever there is one in another island or Florida. We instead get unrelenting rain. Last night was a night of such rain in which I discovered a leak caused my some renovations at around midnight. It was fun :( Praise God there was no damage, it was barely a trickle really but because the rain was non stop it was a continuous trickle. I think it's fixed now just have to wait for rain to fall again to find out.

--- 5 ---
The Not Alone Series celebrated it's one year anniversary. I know right, a whole year of this great community of women.  Come check out the link up. Send Morgan and Jen some love for getting this started and keeping it going.

--- 6 ---
Pentecost is tomorrow!!! Come Holly Spirit Come.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Not Alone Series: Year In Review

June 4th, 2013 was the very first NAS post! How has your life changed in the past year? How has the NAS community impacted you? Where would you like to see the NAS go in the future?

It's been a year. Wow.

Honestly in the beginning I didn't think we would make it this far.

I started reading Morgan's blog just before the start of this around mid-May I think. She mentioned NAS but I didn't pay too much attention because before her blog I only knew about 4 other single, Catholic bloggers so really how many people would there be. Now Bek is not Catholic but at the time I was just thinking Catholic.Yet here we are a year later with new bloggers joining us all the time.

From the very first post I felt welcome and part of something. Jen and Morgan have been gracious and wonderful hostesses and it has been a pleasure getting to know them. This year has been a really growing experience for me as I have looked at different aspects of my singleness, discernment and just life in general, this link-up has been a huge blessing and I cannot thank them enough for getting us started and keeping us going.

The other ladies who make up this link-up (whether they post every week or not) have been so wonderful to get to know. Not just the posts for NAS but discovering their blogs in general and on facebook. It's great to read what everyone has to say, I often find myself saying "that's me, I totally get that." Not Alone has been the perfect name because I do get to see I am not alone in so many things. I even get new perspectives because sometimes I am just so used to thinking one way I never allowed myself to see anything else.

I never knew I was so emotional. I am NOT a crier but posts and even comments have left me teary. The kindness and encouragement has been overwhelming. There have been times I have written something I think, "I can't believe I wrote that, I must sound like such a .....". Then I would get a comment or read someone else's post and I'll be like "okay that wasn't so bad".

The community. The friendships. People say (don't exactly know who these people are) that you can't make real friends on the internet. I have to disagree. I sometimes find myself quoting you guys and I often say "my friends x said...." I tend to leave out the part that x wrote a blog post that backs up the point I am now trying to make.

Savannah. Really looking forward to spending a weekend with some of these lovely ladies that I have been getting to know for the last year.

You are not lost. You are not broken. You are not left behind. Not Alone.

Thank you for a wonderful year of self-discovery, inclusion and new friends. Thank you for being a blessing I did not even know I needed. Thank you for the support and the community. Thank you Jen and Morgan for what you have started and what you have kept going, I am sure it has not been easy.

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

How has NAS impacted your life in the last year. Share your thoughts, leave a comment. Visit Jen for the link-up to check out what everyone else is saying about their experience.