Saturday, 7 June 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday #58

--- 1 ---
I actually started this on Wednesday, but life happened and now Saturday evening I am finishing it up. I have been away from QTs for about 13 weeks (6 weeks of Lent and 7 weeks of Easter) give or take a week, thank you Catholic Church and Liturgical calendar.

--- 2 ---
I am going to be T.V on Tuesday for a panel discussion, call-in program on 'The Christian Response to Stress and Anxiety'. I am stressful and anxious just thinking about it. This is my second time being on this programme but the last time it was with a group of friends so it was just like us talking and having a conversation. This time I'll be joining a psychologist (psychiatrist??), a guy whose wife I know and whose daughter I just adore plus two other people I don't know. Prayers at 8pm EST Tuesday 10th will be greatly appreciated.

--- 3 ---
How do people decide when airline prices cannot possibly go down any more? I never buy my tickets this early but I always check prices early in planning my trip to estimate a budget, earlier this week on a whim I decided to just check again and prices had dropped drastically, but still I don't buy tickets this early so I wasn't sure if to jump on it or not. I liked the flight times and the price was just beautiful (I was already calculating what I could do with the savings). I talked it over with a few people and I decided to wait. The price has gone down again to just plain ridiculous but I do not like these flight times. The flight times I like are cheaper than earlier this week but not as cheap the other flight. Should I wait, grab it or just stop torturing myself by waiting as I usually do and just buying the tickets at reasonable price. Buying now means the possibility of tying up money that may be used elsewhere. Any thoughts?

--- 4 ---
The rainy/hurricane season has started here in Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad has had exactly one minor hurricane before I was born, Tobago has had one medium and one minor also before I was born. However we do get lots of warnings, alerts and cautions whenever there is one in another island or Florida. We instead get unrelenting rain. Last night was a night of such rain in which I discovered a leak caused my some renovations at around midnight. It was fun :( Praise God there was no damage, it was barely a trickle really but because the rain was non stop it was a continuous trickle. I think it's fixed now just have to wait for rain to fall again to find out.

--- 5 ---
The Not Alone Series celebrated it's one year anniversary. I know right, a whole year of this great community of women.  Come check out the link up. Send Morgan and Jen some love for getting this started and keeping it going.

--- 6 ---
Pentecost is tomorrow!!! Come Holly Spirit Come.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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