Thursday, 6 June 2013

Not Alone Series: Introduction

I'm a little late to the party but I am joining in with the Not Alone Series. It will be nice to blog along with other fellow singles, there are so many married and mommy bloggers (which I love) but it will be great to read blogs of other singles on their journey.

I am Nikki, my name is actually Nekeisha but nobody has ever called me that except for in Secondary School (High School), in fact a lady at church got confused after she pulled my name for our annual Christmas gift exchange last year. I totally knew who got my name because she came to me to ask who "that" person was.

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinidad half, which is in the Caribbean. I work in Accounting, I love to read, I crochet and bake. I am learning (teaching myself, same difference) to sew and quilt. My favourite colour is purple. I have one sister who at anytime can be my closest friend or worst enemy.

For the most part I am content being single, I really like hanging out with my friends (although are starting to get married in droves) and I can do many things at the drop of a hat, like winning and going on a cruise (yes that actually happened). I am also using this time to improve my relationship with God and myself. I am trying to learn patience and I am getting better at managing my home, I am not holding out at perfecting that before I get married, I may not hate cleaning anymore but we aren't besties either.

I am looking forward to getting to know the other bloggers and finding some new blogs to read.