Friday, 7 June 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #26

--- 1 ---
Last Friday I went to a barbecue and my contribution was potato salad and some delicious tiramisu brownies. The brownies almost didn't make it to the majority of the guests. Our host, myself and a few people who were helping tend the grill spent most of our time in the kitchen and out back, while the others were in the living room. The kitchen crew decided the brownies need some quality testing (I had done the same thing with my sister at home), unfortunately after tasting it no one was willing to share their square.
--- 2 ---

By the time the brownies were brought out to the rest of the guests they were smaller, cut in two so there would be enough to share. I was worried it wouldn't go over well instead I should have been worried that I didn't make enough.

--- 3 ---
My weekend was exhausting besides the BBQ that I didn't get home from till around 2 Saturday morning, I had 1st Saturday Mass at 7 a.m and errands the rest of the day followed by a meeting at 3 pm. It was definitely a miracle that I got up to go to Mass that morning after not going to bed at around 2:30, then I had lots and lots of errands, I almost forgot to pay my cellphone bill my brain was so tired. The meeting went over long and then I had to drop a friend off at home, by the time I got home it was almost 8 and I was operating on less than 3 hours sleep for over 12 hrs. Another miracle I didn't crash until around 10, I have no idea exactly when because all I remember is waking up on the couch around 2 am but I remember closing my kindle and checking my phone. Guess what time I go to Mass for on Sunday?
--- 4 ---
The meeting in #3 was the final meeting and run through for our show on the local Catholic t.v station. It wasn't a rehearsal more of a "you can't say that" or like that session, it was meant to give us a few pointers and tips before Tuesday. Since it was a live show we couldn't be too rehearsed. Two of our members were out of the country on Saturday and one wasn't getting back until the morning of the show. I have been on a few of the planning committee for these things but have always managed not to be on air because I have stage fright, big time but I said yes this time around. I was seriously regretting my decision during the run through because I had a lovely freak out session and we hadn't even gotten to the real thing as yet.

--- 5 ---
Tuesday the day of the show we had to get to the studio at 6 (the show was at 8) so we could spend an hour in the Adoration chapel and then an hour get mic'ed and comfortable in our surroundings, etc. I love that there is an Adoration chapel right downstairs, I got an hour to just rest with Jesus and place my nerves in His hands. The first thing I noticed when we got up to the studio was that big ugly clock that would count down to keep us on schedule, then the three cameras. I was nervous straight up to our prayer before we went on air and only had one brain freeze moment though I kept talking until I remembered my point so there was no dead air. At Mass yesterday a lady grabbed me from behind to ask me if I had been on t.v that week.

--- 6 ---
There may be a  brunch on Sunday for us to watch the show when it re-airs but we haven't finalized details as yet. It's a good thing we are great at the last minute because this all started as we should have viewing party (we haven't seen it as yet) and somehow we are now at a brunch with a location or menu but we'll get there, maybe. Adoration tonight, so maybe I'll add it to my list.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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