Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Not Alone Series: What I love About Being Single

I am loving this series so it is a pleasure to come back yet another week. This week "What I love about being single", yes I have a huge desire to be married but there are some things I am loving about this time of my life.

I don't have to shave my legs when I don't feel like it. It's not pretty and I know I will like to look pretty for my husband so if I wake up and slathering on the nair seems like just too much I wear pants.

I always get to make my potato salad how I like it. This big for me, my sister and I do not like it the same way, in fact after having to make some for a BBQ I discovered most of my friends do not like it the same as I do. While I'm single I only have to make it to my taste unless I'm making it for a BBQ again. This goes for pizza too.

The right way to do the laundry is my way. The same for cooking rice, making meatballs, bread and cleaning. It would be great to share these responsibilities but I am liking that I am not biting my tongue because the husband or the kids are not doing it right aka the way I do it.

I get to hog the bed. I have shared a bed with sisters, cousins and friends, I'm not the biggest fan of it. I like my space and I like my covers all to myself.

I can lose myself in a book for hours without guilt, I probably shouldn't do that now anyhow but I at least I don't have to choose between finding out "What Katy Did" and spending time with my husband or making dinner or playing with the kids.

My prayer time is mine. I know that a shared prayer life is something that is important to me for when I enter married life but I am loving this time when it is just me and the Lord (and the communion of Saints).

Moving from a house with boys to a house of just women, the toilet seat is always down.

I am growing into me. I have moved from shy and introverted to simply introverted.

Two years ago I won a Caribbean Cruise (yes that stuff actually does happen), I was on vacation when I got the phone call and the trip was in 6 weeks. There were no schedules to co-ordinate but mine.

While planning for that trip that I was going to take with my sister (it was a trip for two) and seeing all the amazing things we could do we realized more than half the things I wanted to do she didn't. I get to plan for myself without missing out on anything I want to do, while I have no problem ditching my sister (plus it was my trip so guilt works) for a few I don't think I'll feel comfortable doing the same thing to a hubby.

My friends can call me up to meet them in 20 minutes for the movies or just to get ice cream.

I get to experience my friends in our own special, crazy way. I have had quite a few friends get married recently and while we are still friends the relationship changes a little bit.

So there is actually quite a bit I love about being single. Jen is hosting the link up this wee so check her and everybody else out.