Friday, 14 June 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #27

--- 1 ---
Sunday I visited a small country church. I mean really small, there were five of us made a visible difference to the size of the congregation. The kids stared at us practically the whole time. My church is small but we are usually packed every single Sunday.
--- 2 ---

My view on our drive from church on Sunday....

There were three cows outside of the church but I didn't get their picture.

--- 3 ---
On Sunday we went to visit a friend for brunch and Mass, because we missed the Mass at her church we ended up going to the country church. We meant to stay for Mass and brunch leaving about 1 pm we left closer to 9, we were having so much fun we ended up staying the whole day we watched movies, made milkshakes, played games, invited more people over. I was tired but I had a great time and I have developed a love/hate relationship with cranium.
--- 4 ---
This is the second week of the Not Alone Series and I am loving it. Everyone's post are so inspiring, each one is different yet there are so many similarities. Jen and Morgan started a really great series.

--- 5 ---
My sister bought a wardrobe for her bedroom but it couldn't fit so now it is temporarily sitting in our living room. Our grandmother said she would take it off her hands

--- 6 ---
We are having a Father's Day extravaganza at work today (my description), every year there is a Mother's Day brunch and some activities but not for father's so some of the men protested so this year they are going all out for the father's. I think they are only stopping short of setting them game hunting and firing up the grill. They are having a multi-faceted, full day of events to make up for all these years of neglect.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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