Friday, 2 October 2015

31 Days of Where I Live (Day 2) - Trinidad AND Tobago

Welcome back!!!!! I made it to day 2.

The and in caps in the heading is not a mistake, I just wanted to make a point. When people ask me where I live I say Trinidad but in fact the name of the country is The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago or informally Trinidad and Tobago.

Another fun fact the "country" is actually TWO islands that are annexed but not physically connected. I may get into that annexed feature in another post since that takes me back to a history lesson or 2 and I'm not ready for that as yet.

Trinidad, where I live is the larger of the two islands. It moves at a faster pace, more indstrialized, big business, etc.

Tobago the smaller island, moves at a slower pace. It's a tourist haven. Many celebrities quietly vacation there. Another fun fact a season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge was taped there, remember that show.

So if you want to party, do big business you come to Trinidad.

Want to relax, get away from it all, fish, etc you go to Tobago.

The two islands have completely different histories, the culture is not very similar but we are one big happy country