Monday, 3 December 2012

5 Reasons I Will Make Not Make A Great Blogger

I have been wanting to start a blog for a very long while now but I have always found millions of reason not too even when the desire was very strong in my heart. While I am not a complete perfectionist I do have very strong tendencies so I would hate to start something and then don't finish just because. So here are just a few reasons up front why I probably will not make a great blogger but am going to try anyway.

These reasons are in no particular order:-

I am a numbers person
Sure I got a distinction in English Lit and can easily read a book a day (two if I'm in the mood). Sure I read Wuthering Heights when I was 8, my claim to fame and my mother's resignation of defeat (that's a story for another time). I like to write, so what, number problems give me shivers. Give me the most convoluted situations and I will figure out a formula that works. I work in accounting. I work math problems in my head using the most insane mental helps (I had the best teacher when I was 7 to 8). I was the kid who knew where to use those math skills in real life.

I am extremely busy
My day starts at 4:10 am when I get up, make lunch to take with me, shower, dress and leave for morning Mass and then to work. Depending on traffic after work I am looking at anywhere from half an hour to hour commute on a good day. On a bad day it can be three hours and more. I work near to a beach which most people think is awesome but I do not. I have my Catholic group meetings, time consuming hobbies and I'm learning (teaching myself, same thing) to sew. I hand sew like a snail running a marathon and it takes my full concentration to get something resembling a straight line. I have a house to keep clean, laundry to do, meals to cook and clean up after, the list goes on.

I segue a lot
I have been known for going off on a tangent or 10. I have a wonderful imagination and an amazing memory reflex that sends me places when triggered by anything small, I take people with me whether they want to go or not. Just ask my sister, or not. She always complains that when I have to tell her something I never get straight there, I take her through the forest, over the hills, stop at grandmother's house, eat an apple, take pictures at the waterfall and then get back to the road, maybe. I also sometimes forget the point I was trying to make but hey you get a great story out of it.

I am a private person
I have read a lot of blogs over the years and I am always inspired and thankful for how much of their lives and experiences these bloggers have shared. I am not that person. I can probably count on less than one hand anyone who can say they think they know everything about me. My best friends growing up was a good book and the plum tree in our backyard, they were the silent types. I had my cousins and other friends growing up for playing but I wasn't much of a talker and I was the nerd so they weren't much for listening so I learned to keep things to myself and it's a hard habit to break.

I have no idea what to blog about
My life isn't all that exciting, I get up, go to Mass, go to work, come straight home (most of the time), crochet, cook, watch t.v, etc, etc. I may talk a little about my Catholic Faith and how I live it. I may talk a little about my culinary skills and some of the things I make. I may talk a little about my crochet and sewing and upcycling. I may talk very little about my life and what's going on. I may talk about being single and my desire to be married with kids. I may blog about my country, Trinidad and Tobago. I have quite a few maybes but no general direction to blog in. That in itself might be good, I can go wherever I want I take who ever happens to be reading along with me.

So those are just 5 reasons I will make a terrible blogger but I am going to try anyway and hope I don't bomb. To guarantee failure I can just not try but I can try and have a chance for success.