Friday, 28 December 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday #4 The Last QT For 2012

--- 1 ---
I love singing (stumbling over the words) O Come All Ye Faithful in Latin. It's a tradition for all our Christmas Masses starting with Christmas Vigil. I had an added treat when Fr started singing it after Christmas Eve morning Mass and of course it was sung at Vigil Mass.
--- 2 ---

My favourite present this year is 

   It is actually part of a present, on each side of the dice is a prayer or a scripture.

--- 3 ---
I have 3 Christmas parties/lunch/dinner that I'm supposed to attend today. Not sure how I'm going to accomplish all that or if I will. The dinner is a definite God Willing but the others are up for grabs. Yeah for people who celebrate Christmas in Christmas but boo for everyone picking the same day.
--- 4 ---
My baby sister/really my cousin is turning 18 on Sunday, can't believe she is 18 already. I was given the task of naming her, I remember I was at a party at two of my friends (twins) from school and when I was finally picked up (I think I was momentarily forgotten in the baby excitement) I was told I could pick the name (consolation prize for being forgotten).
--- 5 ---
I have been living in leftover heaven. I like to cook but I LOVE when I just have to use the microwave as well. Between Christmas leftovers, visiting family and some stuff I had frozen already I only cooked yesterday and don't plan to again until Sunday. I wanted to make a pizza tomorrow and still might or leave it until next Saturday
--- 6 ---
I am still listening to Christmas music. I am perfectly fine listening to other music but I am trying to have at least five Christmas songs a day besides what I hear at Mass. A few radio stations are still playing them so between local radio, tune-in and iheartradio on my phone I am reaching and beating my quota. I need to hear Christmas music because IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS!!!
--- 7 ---
Happy New Year to all Quick Takers!!!!!

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