Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cooking Class

Saturday I took a free cooking class offered by Nestle. It was fun. It was in the afternoon about 2 and many people didn't show up. I am usually the stay in a corner and don't draw too much attention to myself but since I was the 2nd person to arrive I started talking to the first person and we got on well she brought her daughter with her, that little girl made me feel like a chatter box she was so quiet and well behaved.

I was the first person to volunteer to do something, it was supposed to be an interactive class with everyone cooking but some of the participants just sat there, I was a little disappointed by that. We made focaccia bread, fish roll-ups, apples and grapes salad (aka waldorf salad), and cookies and cream truffles (YUM).

I was first up prepping and kneading the dough, I have a slight obsession with dough and bread that I may write about sometime, so I was in heaven. I also rolled fish for the roll-up, not to happy about that with my aversion to anything raw but I wore gloves so I was pleased.

Everything tasted great. I had 2nds and thirds of the salad. The focaccia was whole wheat and the little girl had two pieces. Every thing was kid approved.

I like fish but hate to cook it, now I have a great recipe to use plus I can substitute the fish for chicken. This is great because I don't eat meat on Fridays so now I have some thing I can use that doesn't come from a can or is cheese.

Now the pictures

 My 1st plate and salad

 Ready to serve

 Ready to serve

 Goody Bags

 The fish roll up post baking

 Decorating the truffles

 The focaccia pre baking

 The fish roll up pre baking, I did that

 Explaining about toasting nuts

 Chocolate going on the truffles

 The Chef, forgot what she is doing here

 Some of our ingredients

 The kitchen or at least part of it