Friday, 1 February 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #9

--- 1 ---
It's a new month. In someways it felt like January lasted forever and in others it went by too fast. It feels like it was just Christmas and now I'm preparing for Lent
--- 2 ---

A new month brings a new position at work, maybe just temporary maybe not. We have some staffing issues to work out and I'm not even sure I want the position to be temporary or not. I've had this position before and liked it when I had it but was very happy to move on.

--- 3 ---
A new month also brings a new attitude. Due to a big project at work as well as the ongoing upheaval I have been in mainly survival and existing mode for the month, it's time I move on from that.
--- 4 ---
Last Saturday I was supposed to meet some friends for prayer and study but quite a few people canceled and only three of us showed up, well two plus the host. We ended up watching a Mass at the Basillica in Washington D.C on EWTN and then had some really great conversations about single life and marriage expectations, compromise, sacrifice, etc. It was very enlightening to see how and what other people thought as well as get a perspective that you never had before.
--- 5 ---
Tourists have been streaming into Trinidad since the beginning of January and some from even before that for Carnival next weekend. Carnival is technically just Friday to Tuesday well actually Saturday to Tuesday with Fetes and events starting at the beginning of the year leading up but there are more events every year and tourists coming in earlier and earlier.
--- 6 ---
Tomorrow is Candelmas and I actually have candles this year. Every year I usually remember the evening before or the morning of and am unable to get candles but this year I am on top of it Yay me!!!
--- 7 ---
This is how I've felt throughout January and I'm looking forward to a better February.


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