Monday, 28 January 2013

#boostyourblog: You Are Never To Old For A Nap

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This topic was actually for Friday but better late than never.

My favourite Sunday ritual is my afternoon nap. Seriously. As a kid my mother always wanted that afternoon peace and quiet so we were forced into taking a Sunday afternoon "rest", she didn't dare call it a nap because we were too old for naps. We hated it. We didn't actually have to go to sleep we just had to stay quiet and "rest" for an hour or two.

We actually used that time to come up with most of our mischief, we learned how to "break-out" of our rooms during one of those afternoon, I loved "Secret Seven" and "Famous Five" books growing up so I learned all kinds of neat tricks that I was only too happy to pass along, one of which included breaking out of a room that you are locked into. We took turns locking each other into a room and getting out from the inside, it actually worked. It is surprising how quiet one can be when we wanted to and still have fun.

Now as an adult I find I still like that quiet time, to rest, read, recharge and actually nap. Hey I'm not ashamed of it, I need my Sunday afternoon nap. I look forward to it, and when I don't get it lets just say a two year old has nothing on me, grumpy and unhappy. This rest and nap time really does carry me through the week until I can do it again next Sunday..