Friday, 25 January 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #8

--- 1 ---
I had two friends give birth this past weekend/earlier this week. Both gave birth to boys. Both births went contrary to what was expected. My Canadian friends who's doctor was ready to do an emergency section two weeks ago after a very trying and difficult pregnancy gave birth naturally no complications. My Trinidadian friend had a complication free pregnancy but a slightly difficult labour with some intervention needed. Both mothers and babies are doing fine.
--- 2 ---

I found myself in an Isaiah sandwich at church on Sunday, I had recently turned 2 Isaiah (I2) in front and almost 1 year old Isaiah (I1) in the back. Both boys has beautiful curly hairs and chubby cheeks, and both boys were determined to take my attention off the Liturgy. I2 mother had a firm grip on him but he was on to her and soon figured out how to get around that little problem. I1 wanted mummy yummy but she gave him a bottle instead and he decided to let everyone know about the injustice and then got into the diaper bag as payback. Both boys eventually fell asleep. I love babies at Mass

--- 3 ---
It's health week at work so we got free blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol testing on Tuesday. The technician told I had the blood pressure to have, it was excellent, my blood glucose was excellent. My cholesterol was good, my number was within a healthy range, I didn't like good after two excellent so I had to consult Dr Google. Excellent would have been if my number was under 150 aka unreadable mine although within a healthy range I consider it too high.
--- 4 ---
I am working on my Lenten menu planning. Giving up meat for the whole of Lent when I hate to cook fish and my sister is allergic to shellfish can be very stressful at times so I'm hoping a very detailed plan will help with that.
--- 5 ---
I am expecting a delivery of items today that I bought with a gift card that I won over Christmas. I won 2 gift cards but only used one so far. What do you buy when you don't need anything, things that you can't live without but didn't know that you couldn't and you get one for someone else also so you can share the joy.
--- 6 ---
Today is the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, a lesson in that you can never be too far removed for Christ to come after you. His love is very wide, very high, very deep and very long.
--- 7 ---
My work week was very...... I definitely needed the reminder of this song


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