Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Wedding at Cana

His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever he tells you."

That sentence and this whole passage demonstrate so much to me than I can ever put into words so I'll just go with a few

1. Mary's intercession. Every time we pray the rosary we are asking Mary to intercede for us to her son Jesus and here we have the first (public) intercession. He tells her it is not his time, Jesus probably already knew that the wine had run out himself but was not ready to show himself but because Mary asks him he does.

2. Trust. This is Jesus' first miracle, Mary had no physical proof that Jesus could do anything. She had all these moments and words stored up in her heart that was pointing to something. She had a message from an angel over 30 years ago that pointed to something. However she had no concrete evidence that something would be useful here. Mary had a trust beyond measure, all those treasures that she had stored up in her heart pointed to something and she knew, she trusted that that something was great and ready and was in Jesus to do not just something "The" thing that was needed.

3. Obedience. Do whatever he tells you. Jesus was obedient unto death, death on a cross. The servants didn't question, they didn't hesitate, they "knew" it was only water in those jars, not a grape was squashed over that water, not even a drop of vinegar put in. They knew they could have easily upset the steward and there would have been consequences, unpleasant consequences. Yet they must have perceived that Jesus was a great man, that he had an authority about him, a presence, a glory and they dipped and took it to the steward.

4. Nothing is too small. Jesus' first miracle was changing water into wine at a wedding. Not the feeding of the multitude, not healing the sick, giving sight to the blind or casting out demons. A wedding, where people are celebrating and making merry. No one is in great need, running short of wine not withstanding. Wine runs out, big deal right, wedding ends a little early, the groom is embarrassed a little, no big right. Not to Jesus, He did not think the miracle at Cana below Him or too unimportant to be His inauguration into public ministry.

5. Jesus is overly generous in blessing us. The wine ran out so I'm thinking the wedding feast was at least half way over, now the groom could have been on the cheap side or his guests could have been on the greedy side, but I believe the wedding was in full swing an in the latter half of feasting. The steward even mentioned that people don't usually bring out the best stuff after the guest have had plenty to drink. The stewards fill 6 jars each holding 20 to 30 gallons, approximately 25 gallons each for a total of 150 gallons of wine for a weeding feast that was more than half way over with guests who already have had plenty to drink. Jesus did not just provide a sufficient quantity of a passable wine no He gave them, blessed them with more than enough of the BEST wine.

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