Sunday, 13 January 2013

"With Thee I Am Well Pleased"

The last line of Sunday's Gospel is "with thee I am well pleased" and I have to ask myself can God say that about me at any moment.

I'm sure that He is pleased with my Mass attendance, making it to Confession and Adoration, praying. But is He well pleased with me? The little things, the moments of jealousy and anger, when I get snarky and sarcastic. The not so little things, when I know in my heart He wants a certain action, thought or response from me and I purposefully say no and go my own way.

I want to please God and I want Him to be well pleased with me, I know that He gives me sufficient graces to achieve just that but my human nature seeks the easy way out more often than not.

The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the bodily form of a dove, we too also receive the Holy Spirit at our own baptism. The physical descent of the Holy Spirit publicly marked Jesus as the Christ, God's Beloved, His Son. We too are marked as children of God at our own  baptism, God wants His love and truth to shine through us. The Holy Spirit is within us to to set us on fire for God and His Word, to find joy in pleasing Him.

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