Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Gifts in My Little World

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, the day we celebrate the three Wise Men bringing their gift offering to the Little Baby Jesus. Friday I was listening to "More 2 Life" radio program on Ave Maria Radio and they were discussing the the gifts that other people in our lives and the gifts that we are in others lives. God puts people our lives for a reason and we are in other peoples' lives for a reason.

So today I am going to reminisce on some of the gifts I have in my life:

- My cousin/little sister. I remember when she was a little girl I would always tell her the reason she was born was to get me to pray. There are times I meant it in a bad way (she was also born to teach me patience) but she really was a gift to my pray life over her lifetime and great teacher of patience. I actually mean that in a good way.

- My friend Rica keeps me social. I am very much an introvert and if given the slightest chance will not put myself out there. My friend R keeps me included planning retreats and get-togethers and from retreating into myself and my own solitary pursuits. This last year had been a very busy time work-wise and I had a very illegitimate reason for being un-social so to speak but R kept me included with rightly timed texts, e-mails and phone calls.

- My grandmother. Everything I do is super fantastic except for when it's not. She is the best cheerleader a girl could ever want yet she doesn't let you get a swollen head. The dress I wore for Christmas I made myself, when she saw it, she acted like it came from the Vera Wang collection or something although we both knew there were many flaws. I was pointed to a few of them I didn't even know about later but I felt like I can continue trying instead of never sitting in front of a sewing machine again.

I think and I hope that I am a gift to my younger cousins as a good example to follow. A few years ago one of my cousins told me she wanted to go into accounting because that is what I did (she is currently studying law) but she always calls me for advice. The other one who is a year younger somehow knows without a doubt that I can make anything happen (to have her confidence). I always dress modestly and while not at the peak of fashion, not frumpily. The other younger girls don't live as close and aren't around as much but I know the adults talk so while I don't have the same regular influence but I do hope I still have a good impact.

I hope I am a gift to the many people in my life in some positive way or the other. I know there are days when my sister wishes I came with a return to sender.

Who are the gifts in your life? How are you a gift to others?

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