Monday, 7 January 2013

Pink Pizza

Yes you read that right I made pink pizza. It was totally accidental but hey something to blog about. On Saturday I was following a recipe to make Garlic & Onion Pizza Dough using bouillon cubes but didn't have the garlic and onion flavour (probably should have checked the pantry first) so I used the tomato & as a substitute. I didn't realize that it would turn the dough pink until I was mixing it and.....

My phone camera and the lighting in my kitchen does not do it justice. My sister came into the kitchen looked at it and asked in a slightly horrified voice "why does that look like that" and then shook her head when I explained. Whatever...

Valentine's Day meal anyone???

For someone who was disgusted (semi disgusted) with the colour and the fact that I put shredded carrots on my pizza she ate two huge slices and then again. I am sure I am not the only one who puts carrots on my pizza, I also usually put shredded spinach but didn't this time it would have been awesome on the pink though. I wonder if there is a bouillon that turns stuff green for St Patrick's day?


My sister for all her disgust didn't wait for the pizza to cool a little before slicing in I barely got a picture of it whole. I tasted the tomato in the dough and it was good. I had three slices, the first two and then I went back for another (notice we're still using our Christmas place mats).