Monday, 11 February 2013

Preparing For Lent

Every year I give up meat for the whole of Lent including the Sundays (my will power will not hold up to a "break" day) but every year half way through if that I am resentful and unhappy. I'm not very creative in cooking fish or straight vegetarian and my sister is allergic to shell fish so I cannot make that very often besides the clean up is a pain to keep her safe.

This year I am going in with a better attitude (I hope) and a better plan (thank you pinterest and blogs). I will be doing some freezer cooking on the weekend and 2 days leading up to Ash Wednesday since I have those days home anyway. I want to do some quick meals and snacks I can just grab and reheat in the evenings when I get home from work since those are the hardest anyway when I'm tired, hungry and the only things that sound good are things with meat in it.

I have more canned salmon than I hope I need (it's skinless and boneless couldn't pass that up) to make things like patties, "meat"balls, salmon loaf and empanadas or pockets. Tilapia fillets, shrimp and salmon are my usual go to proteins as they don't take much thought and are quick and versatile. Breakfast for dinner is great for those times when I need a change, while I can eat meat till my eyes turn red and still keep going, I do not have the same appreciation for fish. Canned tuna for ... well it's the chicken of the sea so I'm just hoping. Cheese because I can get through almost anything with cheese.

I'm organizing my recipes and pins, I'm working on offering it up, saying a Hail Mary or Our Father everytime I crave meat. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and I'm getting ready.