Friday, 22 February 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #12

--- 1 ---
Friday evening I got a text inviting me to Stations of the Cross and then dinner. I have some truly great and encouraging friends, this is the 3rd year I think that we have arranged to go to SOTC on the 1st Friday in Lent just a few more to go before it is a habit then a tradition.
--- 2 ---

Sunday I went to my friend's parish aka my boss's parish, awkward much. I looked to my right at some point during the 1st of 2nd reading and who should I see sitting 1 row over and 1 pew up. I didn't get a chance to interact with him because I have quite a few friends attending this parish who I haven't seen in a while and was overwhelmed with getting hugged and saying hi after Mass.
--- 3 ---
Work has been super busy this week which sucks because we are currently understaffed in our department which means that I am overworked. I am recently off a long weekend now I feel like I need another one which doesn't happen again until Good Friday/Easter Weekend.
--- 4 ---
Less than a week to go until the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. I have managed to totally avoid all non-Catholic sources of "information", I have garnered a few interesting details about the upcoming Conclave. The second Conclave of my lifetime but the 1st that I will be paying total attention. I watched the last one play out and I knew I was looking for white smoke but not much else.
--- 5 ---
OSV is having free shipping on a few books by B16 I have identified two that I want to get, the last book I ordered from them got here last week after less than a week with free shipping and I am in another country so I am happy to choose them over amazon at this time.
--- 6 ---
Today is the last Friday of the month. I'm not ready for this month to end and all that it means but I guess I don't need to be ready.
--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.


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