Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Not Alone Series: I am

"We are God's work of art, created in Christ Jesus for the good works which God has already designated to make up our way of life." Eph 2:10. This week in the Not Alone Series we are looking at the topic of Who we are right now as single young women. Not who we are as other's see us but who we are in God's eyes

This topic required a lot of prayer and procrastination, meeting yourself can be hard and awkward. You wonder do you really want to know you, will you like you, can you get along. Are you worth even getting to know, I'm sure you've heard the rumours and everything else everyone has already had to say. Do you really want to go down that road, are you special enough?

There is someone who thinks I am special and He tells me so. Isa 43:4 "Since I regard you as precious, since you are honoured and I love you," If God thinks that I'm special, precious then I must be worth getting to know.

I am full of grace. I am not Mary, not even close though I believe I strive to imitate her, to become more like her. However, God's Grace is all over my life, full and abundant. I may not always accept, recognize or cherish it all as I should but it is there and at work in me. God's grace keeps me from doing anything stupid in my impatience. It keeps me looking to Him, seeking Him and His Will for me.

I am a servant. I like doing things for people, it is one of my primary love languages. I look forward to the day that I can serve my husband and family but until then and to an extent after then I can serve others. This is was definitely something I did not know about myself until a couple years ago. I have always hated housework, and I still dislike it to a certain extent so I have never seen this in myself. Someone actually mentioned to me that I have a servant's heart after we had been involved in a number of different events together. I am an introvert and don't really like just standing around talking so put me to work and I love it.

I am content. I am for the most part over this season of my life and am really, really looking forward to marriage and kids but I am still content with where I am in my life. I have always gotten the impression that being content and wanting something else are mutual exclusive (inclusive??), do not go together. I would argue that just because I desire something different from what I have now does not make me malcontent to what I do have now. I can cherish the time I spend with the little cousins and the god-nephew while desiring these experiences with my own kids.

I am strong. Definitely not physically strong, my arms are like two match-sticks but I am strong in so many different ways. I am spiritually strong, God is the one doing all the heavy lifting but my strength is found in Him. He carries my and I am strong enough to know I need Him to carry me. I am emotionally strong, life has not always gone my way and I have had way more than my share of downs but I don't stay down. Getting up takes strength whether you jump right back up or struggle to find your footing.

I am me. My mother's father has eight siblings and her mother has even more, in such a large extended family even in a small gathering you will find out how much you look, walk or act like that relative you have never met. I may talk like Aunty M or have eyes like Uncle C but I am so uniquely me. Every quirk, creative expression and past experience is all me, not easily duplicated or replicated.

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