Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Thought For Sunday

It's essential to really read the Scriptures, especially those stories you have heard so many times before. Love is in the details. 

This was thought for tsloday from one of my devotionals, I read it before going to Mass this morning. Lo and behold the Gospel reading is one that I know well. I have read and heard it before, I know it well. Then Father gave a great homily coupled with another devotional that I read I have a differing view on Luke 11:1-13.

Well really I'm going to focus more on the persistent neighbour. I have always looked at it as us being persistent with God until He gives us what we want however I have been given a new view. Maybe we need to be persistent with God until the sleeper within us is awake.

The way Fr described in long ago Jewish homes everyone slept close together on the floor or about so for the man to get up to help his neighbour he will likely wake up his whole household and he doesn't want to do so he tell him to go away. However the neighbour persists so the man can't get any sleep anyway so he gets up.

How about the sleeper within us,the persistence to our Faith life, our prayer life, our relationship with God that is lacking or asleep. Do we get discourage or distracted when God says no or wait? Will we keep wake up, get out of bed and open the door?