Monday, 22 July 2013

A Weekend Away

I had an amazing weekend at the Jesus Explosion XI conference this past weekend. This weekend was on fire with the Holy Spirit and vibrant Catholics of all ages and I do mean all ages, from practically newborn up to 97.

There is so much that I have to say that cannot be covered in just one post. I have wanted to go to this conference for a while but I always considered it too far and I didn't want to drive all that way all weekend long at some crazy hours. Then a friend who recently bought a house and move close the area offered us a place to stay the weekend, so it was a no-brainer so a couple friends and I took her up on the offer so I was able to attend for the first time.

The sleep over was great and the conference was powerful. When we got there on Friday night Praise and Worship was already in progress, we weren't even there a minute and I was already moved. There were three amazing music ministries covering the weekend, I was singing songs that I had never heard before and loving it. This morning I woke up with a few of them still playing in my head. We ended the weekend with Closing Mass celebrated by Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Nicola Girasoli, it was his birthday yesterday and he said he couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it.

This is just a synopsis of the begining and the end, I hope to have the meat of the weekend including the middle up over a few posts this week.