Friday, 5 July 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #30

--- 1 ---
On Saturday I attended a first anniversary event for my friends' NGO Volunteer Center of Trinidad and Tobago. It was a tree planting at the Fondes Amandes Reforestation Site. I got lost, although I am not very surprised since I have no sense of direction it would have been nice not to get lost for once. I got there late but I was able to help out with stuffing the snack boxes and organizing the water for the tree plantersSome of the beautiful flora instagram-shopped

never too young to volunteer


--- 2 ---
This NGO is pretty young only a year but they are associated with some great organizations like Habitat for Humanity and are already making some international moves. I am so proud of my two friends who started this and are doing all these great things with and as volunteers.

--- 3 ---
Today is the last day of school in Trinidad and Tobago so I am looking forward to that little change in traffic for my daily commute although with summer camps and the like it may not be much but I am still hoping. Yes schools were still in session here.

--- 4 ---
We said goodbye to google reader this week. I have been prepared for this for months and it was still a sad goodbye. GR you introduced me to the ease of reading awesome blogs all in one place without having to remember web addresses. On Monday read blogs on GR for the last time there a Moxie Wife post, a couple Ignium Today posts and a Fine Linen and Purple post.

--- 5 ---
I prayed for God's Grace this week and He has delivered a hundredfold, a few friends also praying for me I am sure greatly added to that. I was expecting a horrible week with all the changes happening at work and everything I had to do but besides being tiring it was an okay week. I was at peace throughout, the little things barely bothered me and I was able to rise above a few petty annoyances. God is so good and generous. Starting from now to pray for the next week, taking each week at a time until things are settled and a new normal is established.

--- 6 ---
This week on the Not Alone Series the topic was how to prepare for your future vocation now, I have said it before how much I love this series but I'll say it again, I love this series. There were a few similarities between the various blog posts but no two were exactly alike and I got so much to think about and add to my own list. The comments also were very helpful, encouraging and inspiring.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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