Friday, 12 July 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #31

--- 1 ---
Our president, Trinidad and Tobago, visited the Vatican last week and gifted a steelpan, our national instrument to Pope Francis, even taught the Holy Father a move or two.

--- 2 ---
This week has been constant rain. A tropical storm was headed to Barbados so we got extra rain, lots of it. I should be thankful that is all we usually get (and I am) because Trinidad is too easterly and our hills seem to discourage hurricanes and storms so we mostly only get extra rain. We occasionally get put under hurricane watch or warning but that is mainly pre-cautionary.

--- 3 ---
All this rain has been super good for the plants, some of them have practically quadrupled in size almost over night. I love looking at my plants, I am just so happy that I got anything to grow that I can't help it so I am noticing these not so subtle changes.

--- 4 ---
I have decided that I going to write in cursive again or should I say better cursive. My handwriting is a weird combination of cursive and print. We learn cursive in primary school (elementary), in fact we look forward to the day that we learn cursive so that we can write like grown-ups and then we (I) abandon it when we get to secondary school (high school). I have these letters to handwrite and I am thinking they would look better in full cursive.

--- 5 ---
I had the opportunity to evangelize to a "ex-catholic" this week. We have a temp and I was giving her a lift so we started talking, she asked what religion I was, then she told me that she used to be Catholic. She left because she felt something was missing although she had grown up active in church, so then I told her the story of my Faith, I didn't grow up in church but I also felt something missing (in my own way) and I came back fully to my Faith. She actually doesn't have anything against the Church so it was a pleasant conversation in fact she had more great things to say about the Church than I could have thought about in that short period of time. I can only pray that the conversation sparked something in her.

--- 6 ---
I have absolutely no weekend plans, that has not happened in a while. Some of my friends are out of the country for a conference that I should have gone to but I chose not to but now wish I had gone. I am just going to take this weekend to catch up stuff and work on not having a pity party for myself.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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