Friday, 27 September 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #42

--- 1 ---
This has been a short work week for me which I love. Tuesday was a holiday and today Friday is half day because of a work function. Yet it has still been a hectic busy week, I'm hoping to stop off at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel on my way home but I have to deal with my car insurance so hopefully that goes quickly.

--- 2 ---
I made peach BBQ sauce on Sunday to go with my ribs and I have been trying to write and post the recipe since then. I suck at writing the recipes I use cause I don't measure or remember quantities but I did this time so I am hoping to post that tomorrow.

--- 3 ---
I discovered socially awkward penguins on pinterest this week, they describe me just a little too well but it's kind of cool to be a bird that doesn't fly.

--- 4 ---
I have been hearing God speaking to me so clearly this week, well not really. I have been hearing Him but I didn't really pay attention to it being Him until Thursday evening as I was reading and studying one of my devotionals. I have found a scripture verses everyday for whatever I was dealing with that day. Thursday after a not very good day at work I prayed "God speak to me" and put on some music cause that usually calms me and picks up my mood but my speakers decided to be wonky so I said okay you don't want to speak to me there and turned it off but the silence was not doing anything for me either. Then when I was reading I finally heard Him and I realised He had been speaking there all this time. God is so good.

--- 5 ---
For The Not Alone Series this week we discussed our NFP experiences as single ladies. Check out who charts, who doesn't and why, as well as some thoughts on the topic of NFP itself.
--- 6 ---
Finding priests who are available to give confession at a retreat on a Saturday is exhausting, they do so much and are super busy. The priest that I got to say a tentative yes already has a full schedule but is trying to move a few things around to be there for us. Appreciate your priests and always be praying for them.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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