Friday, 20 September 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #41

--- 1 ---
Wednesday when I got home from work this was waiting for me

A friend of mine sent from South Carolina sent it to me, she knitted me a bookmark in purple because it is my favourite colour.

--- 2 ---
I am really excited about this book

and as I was looking at the back who should I notice has endorsed it but the host of these here quicktakes, Jennifer Fulwiler. I got nerdy excited because someone I "knew" liked the book, especially since I had already liked the book.

--- 3 ---
My desktop computer died this week, I knew it would happen eventually, it's old but it was still a shock. I'm debating getting a tablet. I've wanted one for a while but could not make up my mind which one to get. The kindle fire was at the top of my list before but I am thinking I should get an ipad since I have an android phone and a windows 8 laptop so I should get something apple to be well rounded.

--- 4 ---
For some reason I cannot reply to comments in a few of my posts, how this is just a temporary problem, a glitch or some that is more long term. I am not technically savvy when it comes to this, nor do I have the time right now to try to be.

--- 5 ---
For The Not Alone Series this week we talked about our fave mom blogs. There were quite a few blogs that were new to me as well as some that I already knew and loved. Check out who everyone likes, maybe you discover some new blogs or notice you got a shout out.
--- 6 ---
Retreat planning is back on track and going well, I am spending a lot of time checking and sending emails, reviewing notes. My phone and I are practically best friends these days.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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