Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ten Things About Living A Godly Life

This past weekend I attended a Catholic Women's Conference where Teresa Tomeo was one of the speakers. Now I listen to her on her Catholic Connections radio show some mornings and I have watched her on the Catholic View for Women so I may have gotten a little fangirl. She is very friendly and personable, a great speaker and pretty funny in person. I hope to do a review of the Conference soon, in fact Teresa mentioned the conference on her show on Tuesday.

One of her talks was "Ten Things I learnt about living a Godly Life" so with her permission here are the 10 things:-

1.Offer it up to God and put it at the foot of the cross

2. Remember the Blessed Mother is watching you. (and we need to be watching her)

3. Remember, it's the Ten Commandments and not the ten suggestions.

4. Pray and go to Mass

5. Think of the word Bible as an acronym: Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth. (Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives)

6. Give thanks. (an attitude for gratitude)

7. Say God spares or God willing. (In Trinidad we say Please, God)

8. Be Nice

9. Remember it's not all peaches and cream you know. (all sunshine makes a desert)

10. Keep Smiling (even if it hurts)