Thursday, 20 November 2014

Not Alone Series: Praying At Home

How do you pray at home? Do you have a special place in your house? How do you make that area special? Comfy chair? Prayer cards? What suggestions do you have to make a home altar? If you don't do this, in what ways can you begin?

I'm more of an evening prayer person since mornings except for Saturday my mornings are all about getting out the door for work. In my room I have a little corner (away from my bed, falling asleep is not allowed) where I usually pray. It's close to the door which has a crucifix over it, a bible, some prayer cards and books, a candle and a pen should I choose to journal. My journal is transitory.

My living is where I get my quiet mornings (my sister is not a morning person). Again there is a crucifix over the door, images of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart plus a few other images. Saturday mornings especially this is my favourite spot for praying, journalling and reading my bible.

At my kitchen sink. I grew up with my grandmother praying and singing hymns while doing chores and I never thought I would but I sometimes find myself praying while doing dishes.

Do you have a special spot to pray at home? How do you make that area special? Leave a comment and visit Jen for the link-up