Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Not Alone Series: Survey Says

This week for the Not Alone Series we are answering questions of a survey to get to know each other better.

I live in the country of Trinidad and Tobago which is actually two islands and I live on the island of Trinidad.

I live somewhere around the red star labelled Port of Spain.

I would say I've had two previous relationships but I would only call one FB official although I didn't change my status and wouldn't really unless I get engaged or after I get married.

I work in Accounting, but I am also studying although I am on a break right now. I am trying to decide what I really want. I've wanted to be an Accountant for a very long time and I really good at it but right now I am re-thinking that plan because it doesn't feel like what I want to do.

My family is crazy and extended. I grew up in the same house as my mother, sister, grandmother, grandfather and a variety of cousins, an uncle even lived there for a while. My grandmother was everyone's favourite Aunt and she comes from a large family. A couple of her brothers had kids the same age and younger than I am, some of them stayed with us over the years. All of her grandchildren have spent extended time with her as well though not all have lived with her per se. My family sucks at taking pictures, there are about a million pictures of us as kids, embarrassing first and last day of school pictures (which will not be seen on this blog) but somewhere along the way us kids started just taking pictures of ourselves. I need to get some shots of my grandmother.

Prince, yes he's part of the family



 me, first time ice-skating


My confirmation Saint is Maria Goretti. I was actually looking for a November Saint but kept getting stuck on her so I chose her. I was just coming back into my Faith at that time and I only really had my great-grandmother who was a practising Catholic, encouraging me, my grandmother was also very encouraging but she didn't really know her Faith. My great-grandmother's name was Mary and somehow Maria seemed fitting.

My favourite Gospel is Luke. Luke was written for us gentiles plus Luke is the Gospel that the canticles used in the Liturgy of the Hours are taken from.

Top three qualities in a spouse, not one but he has to be someone who thinks my brand of crazy quirky is cute and endearing. 
Patient, I take time to warm up to people and allow myself to be vulnerable so even if I like him it may take me a while to admit it. 
Prayerful, I miss praying with my family. We were never a prayerful family but we said night/bedtime prayers together and then it just stopped. I'm looking for someone who love to pray with me.
Loves kids, I want a houseful, a big houseful. I love the noise, activity and energy of having a lot of kids in a home.

Online dating advice - be yourself, don't try to tweak you to match someone else. Be open, everyone's profile may not match exactly what they are, there may be a hidden gem somewhere in there.

Tweetable advice - Love God First, know yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself. A frog can be a prince so be open.

Favourite thing to do outside of blogging and work: That would be read, I always have a book with me. All my friends know that and always tease me about it, now I also have a couple reading apps on my phone and a kindle. I was reading at 4 (really reading not just turning pages) and I haven't stopped since.
I also like sewing (I'm not very good), crocheting and baking. I love spending time in front the Blessed Sacrament and Adoration. I also like to veg out with a good movie and some snacks.

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