Friday, 16 August 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #36

--- 1 ---
I have a cookout tomorrow, really looking forward to that. This is my first time attending but the group I will be with are the two-time reigning champions, I hope we don't lose, at least I won't be the only new person on the team.

--- 2 ---
I started a 54 Day Rosary Novena yesterday, it runs from the The Assumption of Mary to the Feast of the Holy Rosary on October 7th. This is my 2nd 54 Day this year so far, I love praying this Novena and I love how this one lines up with two Marian Feasts.

--- 3 ---
Pray-more-novenas St Monica novena starts on the 18th, I will be praying that as well. have been praying with them for a couple years now and I love it. About 90% of the novenas I pray every year I pray with them, it's a lovely husband and wife team.

--- 4 ---
I am back on the regular lector schedule at church for Sundays with my first Sunday being last Sunday. It went pretty well, despite my introvert-ness I don't mind reading in church since it's not my own words that I am speaking, I just need to make sure I don't look up too often.

--- 5 ---
For The Not Alone Series this week we talked about a challenge that we took as an active step towards our vocation. Check out what everyone did.
--- 6 ---
One of my cousins is coming to spend the weekend with us. I really looking forward to it, she is studying law so before she heads back to school and all I see are facebook pictures of coffee, books and her drooling on the couch (having little brothers can be a pain sometimes) I get to spend some real face time with her.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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