Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Not Alone Series: Challenge Time

I love a challenge.....Not. I have always felt like the ugly duckling next to my sister, the natural social butterfly and extrovert. I have always preferred my own company and that of a book.

I went to a Catholic Conference a couple weeks ago and I decided to do something different, smile. Now I am not an unfriendly person but I am not one to go around smiling all the time. The single, catholic, male population was out in force. I knew many of them though not well, my plan was just to smile, wave and move on.

I started with S to practice since I kind of knew him well and no interest in him since he is younger than I am plus we had a half an hour car drive to practice my conversational skills. I actually had a pleasant conversation that flowed really well, we talked about music, Faith, aspects of our personal life, work. I met him three years ago but we don't really spend time together so it was nice to have a good conversation with a guy.

I don't know if the weekend just filled me with the Holy Spirit or what but I was really doing it. I spent some time on Saturday with a guy from my friend's youth group, I had also met him before but never had a real conversation with him but I managed to. Introverted me doesn't really want to put myself out there, I just want my future husband to come gift wrapped and delivered to my doorstep (an actual conversation I once I had with my spiritual director, minus the gift wrap). Anyway so there was a little awkwardness on my part but I managed to have a good conversation, there is nothing there but he actually came to have a conversation with me on Sunday so I guess I wasn't a total spaz. He's a hugger so I got a hug.

I smiled and walked past a guy I knew from Latin Mass a few time (not aimless walking), he came over to say hi and introduce a friend while I was chatting with some friends. I have never had a conversation with this guy and I even got him to take a few pictures of my friends and I after I saw him again after closing Mass on Sunday.

I had a nice, short conversation with a guy over books, now to be honest that is my element so I felt totally at ease there. I was talking about old friends and I was getting an opinion on some possible new ones, did not get a name but that's okay this was just about me being approachable and friendly but not pushy.

The most successful of my encounters was a guy I met at a retreat a few years ago and had a crush on. I smiled, waved and moved on every time I saw him. I didn't race away from him as soon as I saw him but I didn't linger either with the un-rational hope that he would remember me and come talk to me. Sunday right before closing Mass, I didn't even see him that time, he cornered me ( he didn't remember my name but he did remember me). He apologized for not talking to me earlier since he had seen me earlier in the weekend but couldn't remember my name. We had a nice quick conversation and that was it.

I am happy with it all since usually I can have a "do not approach" posture or I can be a little too much so it was nice to discover I can have a little balance. I have a cook-out this weekend hosted by a Catholic singles/youth group and then I have a retreat next month. I don't plan to meet Mr. Right at either of these events but I am working on making more of an impression than the girl all by hereslf reading a book.

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