Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hello Summer, Goodbye T.V

I'm not giving my t.v away, I am not THAT enlightened. I'm not even really going to stop watching t.v over the summer. I am however not going to let it dictate my life for a while.

I don't watch that much t.v but I do have specific shows that have been known to make me decide not to do some things or stay up much later than I really should because I HAVE to know what is happening. The thought of other people watching and knowing what is happening and I'm not even though I could probably watch it online the next day was sometimes to much to bear.

The regular season is out and the summer season of shows have started but I am not letting myself get attached to any of the shows. I will NOT be trapped to my couch.

What am I going to do with all this freedom????

I am taking (doing?) a bible study on Mary. I have been interested in doing one for a while now but the timing never quite worked out. I'm glad I get to do this one on Mary although the other topics were great too but I have really been wanting to get more insight on Our Blessed Mother for a while now so this works out great.

I'm hanging out with friends. A couple weeks ago I went to a party at church, it's an annual thing but I've been skipping it for a while now because on a Friday after work this introvert does not want to socialise I want to veg in front of the t.v and read. I wouldn't mind if it's just my friends but having to make small talk with everyone else, I'd rather not. I went this year and it was so much fun. One of my friends got an electric slide going and then a conga line. I have such extroverted friends it's a wonder but we go so well together.

I'm sleeping more. I am a night owl even without the t.v and I have to get up early for 6:30 Daily Mass before work. This habit has been in me from all my late night study sessions back in the day, stay up late to study then up again early to do more studying. I'm okay with it but since I'm no longer staying up to watch that show until 11 I'm going to sleep earlier some nights. My night owl habit did not completely disappear I'm still up late a lot but when I am truly tired I'm not forcing myself to stay up to watch something.

I know come September/October Parenthood and all my other vices will return but hopefully I will have learnt how not to be so attached and can say "it's okay, I can't watch you right now I'll catch up on the weekend".