Friday, 11 July 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday #59

--- 1 ---
I have been asked to lead a women's group. I said yes. It would really have been futile to say no because, and I say this with great love, these people do not take no for an answer. I tried to dodge, suggested someone else who would be so much more suited. AKA more vocal, more outgoing, more not me. It's a group that I have been in for a while but it has gotten to big for the currently so it was suggested that we split the group and somehow I ended up on the short list for leadership. I'm not totally on my own though, we've decided to keep the two groups together at least for a while so I'm easing my way into this.

--- 2 ---
World Cup finals are this Sunday, after which life will go back to normal around here. I'm not much of a football fan (we don't say soccer) but around here cricket and football are king so World Cup has taken over for the last month. We ordered some t-shirts printed for a family day at church but some were not ready on time (not the printer's fault, the wrong sizes were ordered) so new ones were re-ordered to be ready last Friday when the person responsible called the printer to ask what the delay was she was asked if she didn't realise world cup is going on. We are never using that printer again.

--- 3 ---
Retreat planning starts tonight for me. Our annual retreat is coming up in September and I am getting together with the rest of the committee for Adoration as we begin pulling everything together. This is my third year being on the committee and I actually enjoy it, it doesn't hurt that I have first dibs on a single room at the retreat but I love seeing it all come together. We were actually supposed to start planning last month but life happened but at least we have the venue booked and a tentative theme going.

--- 4 ---
Does getting ready to travel turn anyone else into a super nutty clean freak? Just me?! I am not a natural housekeeper, I do the basics and I try to keep everything as clean as possible, my room doesn't count. However every time I get ready to travel I just start deep cleaning, this weekend I did the bathroom and the kitchen, the living room was done a little earlier but I'll probably do it again before I leave next week.

--- 5 ---
One week from now I will be in Savannah with a great group of bloggers. Can't wait to see Jen again and meet the others for the first time. When I first started blogging I never thought of meeting anyone in real life but here I am and I can't wait. Gorgeous accommodations, great company and a weekend of untold possibilities. Yay!!!

--- 6 ---
I have travel list that I usually use so I don't forget the little things. There's nothing like being a million miles away from home without your favourite moisturiser or worse yet credit card. I have to finish working on that and hopefully start packing on Sunday after I get back from a world cup party (Go Argentina!!!). Not the biggest fan of packing so I like spreading it out over a few days.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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