Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Advent Plans

Advent begins on Sunday. I love Advent, it is my favourite Liturgical season. Purple, candles, beautiful music. I love to slow down at this time when everyone else speeds up. So these are just a few ways that I'll use to remember what this season is all about.

First up is the Magnificat Advent Companion, I have been using this for a few years and I love it. It's

an easy way to pray and reflect through the Advent season on it's own. There are prayers for the blessing of the Advent wreath and the Christmas tree, just to name a few. It takes you from the first Sunday of Advent to Christmas day.

I want to mark in some small way some of the more notable feast days that fall during Advent
St Nicholas on the 6th with chocolate
The Immaculate Conception on the 8th with cake
Our Lady of Guadeloupe on the 12th with Mexican
St Lucy on the 13th with a candle lit throughout the day and cake

St Francis Xavier is on the 3rd but I don't have anything planned for that or St John of the Cross on the 16th but that may change.

I will be praying the St Andrew Novena again this year after I was successful last year, although technically I start that on Saturday it still runs through Advent so it counts.

I will also be praying the Immaculate Conception Novena which will begins on Friday.

I'll be doing candle without a wreath this year, I'll be gone for the first two weeks of Advent so I won't bother to take out the wreath especially since the candles that I got can't fit it anyway.

Most of all through this Advent season I want to prepare my heart for the coming of the king and to truly allow Him to be king of my life.