Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cinco de Mayo

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo and I decided I would celebrate it by adding to my culinary skills by making a flan. I had quite a few cheesecake flan recipes and all the ingredients on hand perfect excuse. I decided on pineapple flan because I thought it sounded more tropical-ish although I toyed with the idea of using orange juice instead of pineapple and making orange flan.

 ingredients plus eggs and sugar.

The recipe called for 6 oz of pineapple juice but the next time I would probably use the whole 8 oz or reduce the condense milk from 14 oz to 12.

My favorite part was cooking the sugar, it was exciting and scary (candy making may be in my future). You had to stir the sugar the whole time and pour into your pan as soon as it was ready, it will become after a very short while but that's okay, I was worried I had done something wrong but it's supposed to do that except the recipe doesn't tell you that.

The last one is the colour to aim for

The rest of the ingredients are mixed together into the blender and poured over the caramelized sugar in the pan.. I used a springform pan and double foiled the bottom since the flan is baked in a water bath.

 in waterbath about to go in the oven

 out of the oven

 in too much of a hurry to wait for it to cool properly

Despite my haste in flipping it, it came out really well, after being in the fridge for 4 hours it thickened up just as it was supposed too and tasted great.

The recipe I used is from kraft.

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