Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Not Alone Series: Social Media

Our lives tend to revolve around social media and knowing what's happening in everyone's lives. How has this effected your life? In your experience, has social media made dating easier? Harder? Ex: not judging something you see about the guy you're dating on Twitter/FB

I .joke sometimes that my phone is my life. Although I am not surgically attached to my phone, it is not allowed in bed with me and I can actually go a whole day without checking facebook unless I get a notification, if I forget my phone home I will go back for it I tend to leave most other things behind.

When I'm out with friends I try to keep my phone on silent. One of my friends teased me once about having so many notifications on phone because I did not feel the need to check everything as soon as I got it.

I have less than 100 friends on facebook, once that used to bother me now not so much. I have family who I don't talk to a lot and a childhood penpal who I mainly send birthday greetings and the occasional hi but everyone else is someone I "talk" to in some way other than facebook and I actually know who they are even if I've never met a few in real life yet. We didn't meet on facebook.

I have 200 minutes on my phone and they roll over every month because I "talk" to my friends via social media most of the time. It's easier just to group chat most times and for those times when an actual conversation is just not possible social media is our friend.

Social media has also brought me these wonderful ladies of the Not Alone Series. I met Jen last year and Martha along with the adorable Zuzu. I'm looking forward to meeting a few more in July.

Social Media and dating - Last year even before I read Cindy's post on her review of "Real Men Don't Text" a few friends and I had a late night conversation about this. I knew I did not want a guy texting me, if he had something to say to me he should call me or come over, video chat is acceptable. I have no problem being silly and having fun tweeting or IGing things to each other, a cute text now and then but our main means of communication should be actual, real life conversations.

I think one thing that helps me keep social media in check is that I have most of my friends here locally even though we live a bit apart. While we use social media a lot with each other it's not our main means of communication. We get together as often as we can. We use group chats to plan some of those times like right now we are in the middle of planning a party for some of our friends. We use it to send silly things to each other. Yes I have a friend who takes pictures of us doing something and instagrams it but that's usually how our brunches start at 11 in the morning and end at 11 at night, because everyone else decides they need to be there too and you can't end it as soon as someone new shows up.

Social media is a great tool that has helped me meet new friends, keep up with some old friends who I barely get to see and keeps me from being totally anti-social sometimes.

How does social media affect your life? How has it affected your dating life?

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