Thursday, 8 May 2014

Not Alone Series: Favourite Saint

But! Not just any fave. More specifically a Saint related to marriage, chastity, etc!! How has s/he helped you during this time of singleness?

Way back when, before I even really knew what chastity and purity really were or entailed I chose St Maria Goretti as my Confirmation saint. Her 18 year old neighbour tried to rape her when she was 12 years old, she told him she would rather die than submit to him so he repeatedly stabbed her with a knife. Even as she lay dying in the hospital she forgave him. She died holding an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While in prison her attacker repented and was even present at her canonization. St Maria Goretti is a great example to me of courage and strength to live a pure and chaste life.

St Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Now here is an example of love, marriage and chastity. He married a woman who having the child of another. He raised this child as his own. His marriage was chaste and celibate from start to finish. He is the ultimate example of husbandly love. I read once saints are our models and intercessors therefore since St Joseph is a great model of a husband, obedience to God and honour so I definitely want him interceding for me.

Finally the Blessed Virgin Mary herself. She is closest to her Son. Just as at the wedding feast at Cana He will hear and answer her request. Mary is also the second half of that great marriage to Joseph, you know the marriage that is a great example of love, honour and obedience to God. Mary had a great marriage and a wonderful spouse so I trust her intercession on my behalf that I may have the same.

Pray to Mary for a Good Spouse

Mary Immaculate,
Sweet Mother of the young,
I entrust to your special care the decision
that I am to make as to my future husband (wife).
You are my Guiding Star!
Direct me to the person
with whom I can best cooperate
in doing God's holy Will
and with whom I can
live in peace, love, and harmony in this life
and attain to eternal joys in the next.

Who are the saintly examples that you look to for marriage, love, chastity and the like. See what everyone else is saying. Visit Jen for the link-up.