Friday, 2 May 2014

It's May

The fifth month of the year, seriously the FIFTH month. The month of Mary. Since the beginning of this week a song has been playing in my head that we used to sing every May while I was in primary school.

For 'tis the month of Mary, the lovely month of May
Mary, dear Mother,
We sing a hymn to thee
Thou art the Queen of Heaven
Thou, too, our Queen shall be,
Oh! rule us and guide us unto

I attended a Marian school so there were always activities and ways of honouring Mary throughout May that happened annually. I have grown in my love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother since then and I am very thankful for the seeds that were planted way back.

Seven years of tilling and nurturing, weeding and fertilizing. I never really thought anything stuck but my love and devotion to Mary now proves that a few things did. I am thankful to all the teachers, priests and nuns who put in the time and effort, not to mention the patience to prepare us and teach us, we didn't always make it easy.

I am thankful for my love of May, even though it brings with it pollen, allergies and sinus infections, because it is a month dedicated to Mary. I hope I can live out this May honouring Mary, the mother of my Lord (it's also the month of mothers).

"Mary is the radiant sign and inviting model of the moral life." Saint Pope John Paul II

Now the song that I was able to find on youtube although although for some reason I can't get it loaded on here so check out the link if you want to hear the song.