Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Not Alone Series: Marriage

Most of us here feel called to the vocation of marriage...but what is it exactly that you're attracted to? What have you seen in others' marriages that you've learned from or would do differently? (maybe this is from married friends or your parents!)

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope you all had a great start to the Easter season. He is risen, Alleluia Alleluia!!!!

Honestly I knew I felt called to marriage because I wanted kids. Now I know a priest who said he felt called to the priesthood because he wanted children so I know that those who have a religious calling also have a desire for parenthood but differently I guess. My desire pulls me towards marriage.

What attracts me to marriage however is what I call the intimacy of normal. Simple, everyday, ordinary tasks that take on an invisible layer of intimacy that's so easy to miss but do beautiful. I am fascinated by couples who grocery shop together, the meet up at the grocery cart or when they start to laugh for no reason over a tin of peas.

Most of the time is not even something special on the outside but still seems so special and intimate to me. I was privileged not too long ago to ride with a great couple after Mass, listening to them discuss the reading and the homily. Applying it to their life, sharing their thoughts and hearts. Simple. Sharing the everyday, ordinary stuff.

Don't get me wrong if I get a super romantic guy who loves to buy me roses I will be ecstatic but I just love the simplicity of having someone to do the ordinary, everyday with.

What are your thoughts on the attraction of marriage?

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