Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Not Alone Series: Growing and Stretching

In what ways can you grow/stretch RIGHT NOW that could effect the whole of 2014?

"with my God I can scale any wall" Ps 18:29

That verse is part of the scripture I got when I went to Confession on New Year's Day, I loved that part and it fit into what I wanted my year and my life to go. Scaling over obstacles, walls that stand in my way.

How? What can I do?

Expect more of myself
One thing I hated as a child and a teenager was for an adult to tell me "I expected more from you". While I never said this to anyone's face sometimes I would think well I didn't. Someone else expecting more from me is not going to necessarily get me to do or don't do something. I have to expect more from myself. In many things I don't expect a lot of myself.

I get discouraged easily if I see to many problems. I sometimes say "That won't work for me" or "I'll do it when...". I see the wall and I don't even think about how to get over it. I just turn around. Valid reasons may really exist, a certain solution or method may not work for me for some reason. That doesn't have to me the end. Maybe there are alternatives, another way.

This year I'm going to stretch myself by switching "That won't work for me" or "I'll do it when" to "How can I" How can I make it work for me. How can I adjust to make it fit my needs, circumstances, limitations. How can I get it done now. How can I make it possible.

It is not easy to break a habit and start a new one but one step at a time. And as the verse said "with God", I'm not doing this on my own.

I've missed writing (and reading) for Not Alone though I had a very busy holidays and needed the break but it's good to be back. I can't wait to read what everyone else had to say about stretching and growing.

Thank you Jen and Morgan for continuing the series. Now head on over to Jen's blog to see what everyone else had to say.