Friday, 19 April 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #19

--- 1 ---
I had a good time getting together with my friends on Friday, I had to drive which I hated but everything else made up for it. We're all Catholic and singles (though we do have a couple in the group) so we get together to pray and mingle. We celebrated two birthdays and caught up with people we haven't seen in a while. Heard some music that is new to me that I like especially "Catholic pickup lines".
--- 2 ---

A group that I involved with is making a presentation on Trusting God at a Conference tomorrow. I have major "stage-fright-itis" so pray for me.
--- 3 ---
Work has been busy this week, not as stressful as the last three weeks since we are almost back to normal with staff but there has been a lot of catching up as well as new stuff.
--- 4 ---
I have started quilting again, to be honest I have only actually done one quilt previously. I am working on a sampler baby quilt to showcase a few techniques. I have friends having babies and I always prefer to give a personal gift over anything else where possible. I am still waiting on some material.
--- 5 ---
My car is making a funny noise sometimes when I drive. My car is very far from new, it is the only car I have ever owned and wasn't new when I bought it. Everything seems to be working fine and everything is good under the hood but we have this inconsistent noise that has no ttern from which to make a diagnosis.
--- 6 ---
In working on our presentation for Saturday I came upon this quote and loved it " The only time Jesus is not walking by my side is when He is carrying me. He will never leave or forsake us."

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week. This song is very fitting giving all that happened this week.

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