Friday, 5 April 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #17

--- 1 ---
I made it to all the Tridiuum Liturgies and Mass on Easter Sunday morning at 7:30, so I spent Easter Sunday evening sleeping. It was a much needed rest and I spent the Monday cleaning and getting as much rest as I could get.
--- 2 ---

Holy Thursday I raced out of work to get to church on time and got there just as another car pulled into the final parkable space (this is totally different than a designated parking spot) but luckily as I was trying to decide what to do I noticed a free spot on the street just across the way. Judging by the parking lot I knew the church was going to be packed but I got a great seat up front, right behind the people who stole my parking spot (yes I know they got there first).

--- 3 ---
Good Friday I woke up to a blackout (that lasted until a little after 10) that threw my day's plans out the door. Good Friday is a holiday here so I had planned to start sewing my Easter Sunday dress, finish sewing a skirt to wear on Saturday and do some laundry. I did get to start my day praying the Stations of the Cross as I had planned so that worked out. My Parish which is 5 churches usually has a whole day (6 am to 2:58 pm) SOTC moving from 1 to the other with Services being held in the last one, this is a standing room only event (usually standing outside church is so full) so I no longer do the walk and just go to Services at another Church. Just as I was getting ready to leave my uncle discovered I had a punctured tire, so he changed it and told me to try to get it patched the next day, Did I mention the whole weekend was a holiday until Tuesday. Made it to Services early as planned, got another great seat.
--- 4 ---
Saturday I work up with all of Friday's list including it's own to do, with the addition of trying to find a tire repair shop open. The short version I got laundry but not the cleaning done. I completely finished the skirt and everything on the dress but the hem (circle skirt are a pain to hem) so the dress was a fail but luckily I had a back up. I did get my tire patched after finding one shop open after driving around and around. I made it to Mass and got the second to last parkable spot. After getting home with less than 5 hours of sleep ahead of me I tried to hem the dress but I gave up to get some sleep.
--- 5 ---
Sunday I got up, started the slow cooker and decided I would just lie down for 10 minutes. It was my friend's son Baptism so there was no way I was skipping so I finally dragged myself out of bed to go. I usually try to get to this Church extra early since I tend to get lost every time without fail (she was married at this church, I have been to Adoration at this Church with her, I helped decorate before the wedding). So I made it and got once again the last parkable spot, that church was beyond packed. There were 5 Baptisms, only one cried but in his defense one was a baby but a little boy. I found out another friend is expecting.
--- 6 ---
My Easter Bunny knows me very well, I like chocolate but I am really a jelly beans kind of girl.

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.


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