Friday, 12 April 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #18

--- 1 ---
My computer has been giving trouble this week. One of the posts I wanted to do is still stuck in draft because my computer keeps sticking and is moving slowly. I did get one post done this week and hopefully this one will make it two.
--- 2 ---

We are having electrical work done at home and Monday we had inspection. They had to map the various connections to that box in the wall (I don't know the proper name for it) and they accidentally turned off the connection to the plug my computer is attached to, I thought my computer had died. A good thing I took the day to be there so that was rectified in good time. I do have to buy a new computer in light of all the problems I am having in (1) plus the computer is old but I didn't need that added urgency.

--- 3 ---
I have no idea if I should get a laptop or another desktop. My sister had a laptop so I have never really seen the need to get a laptop for myself when I could just use hers. I am getting myself a tablet so do I really need a laptop for mobility and I really like my desktop computer, although do people still buy desktops
--- 4 ---
Traffic permitting I get to hangout with a large group of my friends tonight!!!! Some of them I rarely get to see unless it's a wedding or Baptism (so I did see a few of them for Easter) but it will be good to catch up and talk and have some fun together. I know some guys who are incredible cooks so the food will awesome I know, it's at least one birthday but who knows what else we'll get up too.
--- 5 ---
We have been operating at work with barely a skeleton staff for the last 3 weeks and only slightly better than that since February, today is the last day of having to do everything myself (hopefully). Monday we are supposed to be back to semi-normal, not quite where we need to be but at least where I won't feel overly overwhelmed.
--- 6 ---
Besides getting together with my friends tonight I have a simple (read boring) weekend ahead of me, although I am kind of excited to check out a new supermarket that recently opened (yes I am that kind of a nerd). It is slightly out of my way in that even when I head in that direction I do not pass that route but I have to meet up with someone right across from it tomorrow so I will of course just have to pass in. I'm looking forward to seeing my friend to but I've seen him before (just kidding).

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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