Friday, 15 March 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #15

--- 1 ---
When a Catholic guy wants to know if you are available and he has a shot he asks first how is your spiritual life going, then if you are still discerning, it's kind of sweet and definitely different from the norm. Then you find yourself asking him the same question because... we it would be kind of rude not too and also you want to know because you are interested and want him to know but don't spend time telling him about the friend was on the fence for a long time about the priesthood but is now a Seminarian after being a successful lawyer.
--- 2 ---

We have a new Pope, Pope Francis. He's the first Pope from Latin America, the first Jesuit. I've heard mention that he chose the name Francis after Francis of Assisi which got a friend and I talking about the seagull that was hanging out on the smokestack on Wednesday and the jokes we were making about it.

--- 3 ---
Wednesday afternoon was an almost completely unproductive time for me, since the smoke was early in the morning I had not idea what to expect in the afternoon so I switched on my EWTN app on my phone although I had originally planned to rely on popealarm somehow I felt the need to see for myself. So instead I watched a seagull and messaged jokes about him to a friend. When the smoke came I watched it, saw it and then asked "is that gray", then I became partially incoherent for a few minutes. I was shaking, I barely held it together on the crying front I was still at work after all but I was giddy
--- 4 ---
The million and one hours between knowing you have a Pope and meeting him are torture, when the Swiss Guard et al started their thing I though it was happening and then every time they did a close up of the balcony I thought it was it. The the Habemus Papam was read and I still I had to wait, in his Homily yesterday Fr talked about patience and waiting, I need a lot of that, patience I could do without the waiting.
--- 5 ---
Google is canceling Reader, did they seriously need to make that announcement while I was still on my Pope high. How am I going to keep up with my blogs, how will I know who has posted or not. Suggestions on alternatives to reader are greatly appreciated
--- 6 ---
A group that I am involved with is having their first retreat for the year this weekend, prayers will be greatly appreciated for the participants. Registration went well, I even had a call last night from a would-be retreatant begging to register but with the retreat starting today and registration closed I had to turn her down and offer her the next one in June.
--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.


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