Friday, 8 March 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #14

--- 1 ---
Monday I started the week off with a priest telling me I should consider religious life and I may have whined a little. Over the last three and a half years I have had a number of priests and nuns that I know ask me to consider religious life and with the exception of the first time which I dismissed as wishful thinking on their part I have always prayed about it but felt nothing. So Monday when it was suggested yet again I whined "but I've already prayed about that". I am trying to be open to the idea again but I am seeing myself happily married surrounded by lots of babies. How do you know? What is it they see that I don't feel?
--- 2 ---

Monday I also had my annual evaluation at work. My boss doesn't give glowing recommendations so in his speak I got a glowing recommendation with a few "I know you can do better"s, then he proceeded to grill, urge, entice me to complete a few professional qualifications that I have outstanding pointing out it would be better for me in the long run and most of the time he was talking I was thinking if I become a nun this won't be relevant. I have managed to put it off until next year because I am supposed to be traveling during both testing periods this year, although during the first one is not confirmed.
--- 3 ---
Sunday I watched "The Bible" on the History Channel, I really enjoyed it. I thought there Abraham was too young, Sarah kept getting older but somehow Abraham stayed in the peak of his youth throughout their portion. The graphics and special effects were great, loved the parting of the Red Sea, as well as the Creation portion. It also repeated on Lifetime on Monday and History Channel on Wednesday, don't know the times thought since I was just flipping channels when I noticed it showing but it's great in case I miss any episodes going forward.
--- 4 ---
Yesterday, Thursday I had an off site training, it was so nice to be away from my desk. Since the training was closer and started later I had some time to kill after Mass so I went to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, I love how quiet it can be. The school is just across the very small parking lot so their are times that you hear the kids but they were silent yesterday and I had a portion of time when I was the only one there. When I am there I don't always feel that I have to be praying so I just sit and be with Him or sometimes my mind would wander but I just like to sit with Jesus.
--- 5 ---
I ended up going to the Chapel instead of staying at Church to pray because I am registering people for an upcoming retreat and I had to go meet one of them to finalize. I have been talking to her on the phone for about a week and I was so happy she was available in the morning, when I get to her office we were both like "It's you". We attend Daily Mass together, I've never really spoken to her but she is a lector so I should have recognized the voice and afterwards I did realize I knew the voice.
--- 6 ---
My training session was at the Chamber of Commerce dealing with some rate and policy changes that affect some of my financial reporting. The lecturer pointed out something that although I knew it got me thinking especially pointed out in figures I never knew before. Abortion is illegal in Trinidad and the birth rate is still pretty good here as well but we still have an aging population, people are living longer and there are not enough people contributing to the"system" so rates become higher, etc, etc. So what is happening in countries where abortion is legal and their birth rates are low, people are living longer all over the world, how are these things affecting their workforce and the cost to the working man.
--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.


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