Sunday, 2 March 2014

7 Posts in 7 Days The End

It's 11:30ish on Sunday night. The last day of this last day of the 7 posts in 7 days challenge. I did it, I made it to the end. I don't think I did it too well all the time. I'm learning to be okay with that.

I don't need to be perfect all the time. It's okay to have flaws and for people to see those flaws. It's good to ensure that you do you best at what you do but sometimes your best is not the greatest and that is okay.

I went into to this without any real plans. I had two link ups and the other five days were up for grabs. I had some ideas and I wanted to clear up my drafts a little bit. However except for the link-ups and one other posts that did not happen.

I do hope this little challenge has broken me out of my rut a little because I do want to write a little more. We shall see.

Well I better hurry this up or I'll miss my cut off time.

Lent starts this week and I have two days off work to prepare for it, maybe I'll get some writing done in between sleeping, cleaning, reading, sleeping and preparing for Lent.

It has been fun checking out new blogs. Can't wait to get to know some of you better through your writings. Welcome to anyone who is new, hope you stick around.

It's been swell. Have a good week.