Thursday, 19 February 2015

Not Alone Series: Spiritual Writings

What are some of your favourite or go-to books, devotionals or even blogs that help encourage you in your spiritual life?

I'm a reader. I love to get lost in a book. I love to be challenged, inspired and so intrigued I stay up until 3 in the morning to finish what I'm reading even though I get up at 4:30. True story.

There have been spiritual writings that I have struggled through the first time, there are others that are still sitting there waiting for me to finish them or really start over at this point because I don't really remember what I read in the first few pages. Spiritual writings are very important to me really building my faith so I always try to have something new or old to read.

I am currently reading Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn, I think it's appropriate for the season but it's great at any time.

Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Michael Gaitley.

Sisterhood of the Saints by Melanie Rigney. I use this one daily (or almost daily), I get a short bio of a female saint along with a quote or bible verse to think about during the day and a challenge of sorts.

Magnificat - I haven't used this in a while but I loved it and have to recommend it. I am currently using the Lenten Companion but the main magazine is awesome as well.

My Bible - I fell in love with the bible when I was 5 years old. The bible the book not what was in it. My great-grandmother had a gorgeous family bible with the most amazing colour pictures. I read most of the New Testament along with the Psalms and Proverbs by the time I was 13 but I didn't really get it or into reading my bible including the Old Testament until I was 16 and fully there at 18.

For blogs

Blessed is she - this has been such a blessing. Daily reflection by everyday women, nothing to high or heavy but so much depth and understanding

Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship - Bible studies mainly. They recently finished one on the Song of Songs and currently have a Lenten Study going on.

What are some of your go to spiritual writings? I'm always on the look out for something new so share. Visit Jen for the link-up to see what everyone else recommends or to make some recommendations of your own.